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Transcendence: Abstraction and Symbolism in the American West

Sept. 1, 2015 – May 7, 2016 Highlighting works from…


A Matter of Taste: Art, Kitsch, and Culture

Jan. 23 – May 7, 2016 "A Matter of Taste"…


Vision and Persistence: 30 Years of Ceramic Excellence at Utah State University

February 2 – March 2, 2016 "Vision and…


Citations Workshop

Have you ever wondered what's the big deal about…


Stress Management and Wellness 1010

College can be a very stressful time for many reasons.…

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College/Unit: ADMIN | AG | BUS | EDUC | ENGIN | HASS | NR | SCI | STUDENT SERVICES | Allies Alumni

Name Email Phone Status Department College/Unit
Fox, Christie  clfox@cc.usu.edu 797-3940 Faculty Honors Admin
Adams, Cheryl  cheryl.adams@usu.edu 797-2667 Staff Library Admin
Alm, Jan  jan.alm@usu.edu 797-2672 Faculty Library Admin
Brunke, Denis  denis.brunke@usu.edu 797-2666 Staff Library Admin
Dance, Betty  betty.dance@usu.edu 797-2681 Faculty Library Admin
Duncan, Jennifer Jennifer.Duncan@usu.edu 797-8148 Faculty Library Admin
Harris, Steven Steven.Harris@usu.edu 797-3861 Faculty Library Admin
Hedrich, Anne Anne.Hedrich@usu.edu 797-2165 Faculty Library Admin
Holliday, Wendy wendy.holliday@usu.edu 797-0731 Faculty Library Admin
Meyer, Kurt  kurmey@library.lib.usu.edu 797-2751 Staff Library Admin
Read, Vicki Vicrea@cc.usu.edu 797-2914 Staff Library Admin
Shrode, Flora Flora.Shrode@usu.edu 797-8033 Faculty Library Admin
Winger, Kim kim.winger@usu.edu 232-6347 Staff Library Admin
Cartwright, Maren Maren.Cartwright@usu.edu 797-1355 Staff PR & Marketing Admin
DeVilbiss, John John.devilbiss@usu.edu 797-1358 Staff PR & Marketing Admin
Larson, Monte Monte.Larson@usu.edu 797-1351 Staff PR & Marketing Admin
Muffoletto, Mary-Ann Maryann.Muffoletto@usu.edu 797-1429 Staff PR & Marketing Admin
Kinkead, Joyce joyce.kinkead@usu.edu 797-1706 Faculty Research Admin
Nielson, Kara kara.nielson@usu.edu 797-0806 Staff USU Police  Admin
Austin, Ann aaustin@cc.usu.edu 797-8273 Faculty Vice Provost/FCHD  Admin
Moedl, CJ cjmoedl@cc.usu.edu 770-3098 Student ADVS AG
Winger, Quinton  qwinger@cc.usu.edu 797-7146 Faculty ADVS AG
Hanberg, Kathy mkathrynhanb@cc.usu.edu 797-5679 Student Agriculture/Interdisc. AG
Boettinger, Janis L. Janis.Boettinger@usu.edu 797-4026 Faculty PSB AG
Kopp, Kelly kelly.kopp@usu.edu 797-1523 Faculty PSB AG
Norton, Jeanette jennyn@cc.usu.edu 797-2166 Faculty PSB AG
Rocke, Cathy Myers cmyers@mendel.usu.edu 797-5560 Faculty PSB AG
Watterson, Taci taciw@cc.usu.edu 797-2342 Staff Bus Info Sys BUS
Jakus, Paul paul.jakus@usu.edu 797-2309 Faculty Economics BUS
Callister, Ronda  ronda.callister@usu.edu 797-1905 Faculty Management & HR BUS
Hirschi, Devin dhirschi@cc.usu.edu 208-351-4977 Student Management & HR BUS
Hollen, Matthew matthollen@cc.usu.edu 505-302-6970 Student COMD ED
Lancaster, Shari litla_lady@msn.com 703-283-6895 Student Elementary ED
Allen, Hollie hcar@cc.usu.edu 237-1239 Student Elementary ED
Bartlett, Brianne bribart@cc.usu.edu 757-1225 Student Elementary ED
Dever, Martha Martha.dever@usu.edu 797-0394 Faculty Elementary ED
Frew, Cassie cfrew@cc.usu.edu 208-404-4700 Student Elementary ED
Iverson, Heather hiverson@cc.usu.edu 801-920-0658 Student Elementary ED
LeGree, Matthew mjlegree@cc.usu.edu 760-0038 Student Elementary ED
Pray, Lisa Lisa.Pray@usu.edu 797-0380 Faculty Elementary ED
Rich, Amanda amandadawnrich@yahoo.com 862-9271 Student Elementary ED
Richards, Taylor tayrich22@hotmail.com 801-706-9077 Student Elementary ED
Whitaker, Martha Martha.whitaker@usu.edu 797-0393 Faculty Elementary ED
Lown, Jean  lown@cc.usu.edu 797-1569 Faculty FCHD ED
Nelson, Farol farol@cc.usu.edu 797-1550 Faculty FCHD ED
Skogrand, Linda lindas@ext.usu.edu 797-8183 Faculty FCHD ED
Turner, Jennifer jlturner@cc.usu.edu 787-6278 Student FCHD ED
Earl, Tara Tearl@cc.usu.edu 770-1871 Student HPER ED
Gast, Julie julieg@cc.usu.edu 797-1490 Faculty HPER ED
Johnson, Neolle gnoellej@cc.usu.edu 7971711 Student HPER ED
Kras, John M. johnkras@cc.usu.edu 797-3881 Faculty HPER ED
Muller, Lauri lauri_jayne@yahoo.com 881-3721 Student HPER ED
Rigby, Rusty rdr@cc.usu.edu 801-556-9934 Student HPER ED
Diekma,Anne anne.diekma@usu.edu 797-2694 Faculty ITLS ED
Haderlie, Sheri sheri.haderlie@usu.edu 797-2694 Faculty ITLS ED
Lee,Victor victor.lee@usu.edu 797-2694 Faculty ITLS ED
Recker, Mimi mimi.recker.usu.edu@usu.edu 797-2694 Faculty & Dept. Head ITLS ED
Robertshaw, Brooke brooke.r@aggiemail.usu.edu 227-5729 Grad Student ITLS ED
Shelton, Brett brett.shelton@usu.edu 797-2694 Faculty ITLS ED
Armstrong, Andrew abarmstrong@cc.usu.edu 512-6106 Grad Student Psychology ED
Barcus, Carolyn cbarcus@cc.usu.edu 797-1465 Faculty Psychology ED
Bell, Bailey baileyb3113@yahoo.com 801-671-1386 Student Psychology ED
Bentley, Charles charlybent@yahoo.com 792-6060 Grad Student Psychology ED
Boghosian, Sara sara@boghosian.net 797-8140 Grad Student Psychology ED
Cope, Katt kattcope@hotmail.com 801-201-1475 Student Psychology ED
Cullum, Jodi jlcullum@cc.usu.edu 787-4150 Grad Student Psychology ED
Domenech-Rodriguez, Melanie Mdr88@cc.usu.edu 797-3059 Faculty Psychology ED
Galliher, Renee Renee.Galliher@usu.edu 797-3391 Faculty Psychology ED
Jesinoski, Mark tridentmsj@hotmail.com 770-8670 Grad Student Psychology ED
Myler, Cory cjmyler@cc.usu.edu 797-8444 Student Psychology ED
Odell, Camille codell@cc.usu.edu 797-5576 Faculty Psychology ED
Peterson, Katy k.peterson@aggiemail.usu.edu 760-0481 Student Psychology ED
Sanders, Kathy kasanders@cc.usu.edu 303-518-2669 Student Psychology ED
Suzuki, Eri esuzuki@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Grad Student Psychology ED
Cangelosi, Barb brcang@cc.usu.edu 797-2226 Faculty Secondary ED
Franklin, Barry barry.franklin@usu.edu 797-2225 Faculty Secondary ED
Marx, Sherry Sherry.marx@usu.edu 797-2227 Faculty Secondary ED
Prazen, Randy randyprazen@msn.com 801-577-2106 Student Special ED
Ray, Ayana alray@cc.usu.edu 787-8358 Student Special ED
Brianso Munoz, Julio Jaime blink182_hate@hotmail.com 232-7779 Student Aerospace ENG
Albretsen, Keith kwal@cc.usu.edu 797-6052 Student Biological  ENG
Urroz, Gilberto gurro@engineering.usu.edu Faculty Civil ENG
Capell, Matthew mlcapell@cc.usu.edu 208-406-6203 Student Mechanical ENG
Olsen, Kevin kevin.olsen@aggiemail.usu.edu 801-898-6058 Student Mechanical ENG
Hardy, Christi chardy@cc.usu.edu 797-8057 Staff Advising Center HASS
Gackstetter, Dennise denniseg@cc.usu.edu 753-4325 Faculty Art HASS
Sand, Alexa Alexa.Sand@usu.edu 797-8549 Faculty Art HASS
Zaharias, Michiko z_shortie@yahoo.com 801-860-2673 Student Art HASS
Rowe, Victoria victoria.rowe@usu.edu 797-0164 Faculty Art Museum HASS
Bemer, Amanda abemer@english.usu.edu 797-2737 Grad Student English HASS
Blackham, Matthew Awaketoday2003@yahoo.com 797-5785 Student English HASS
Bowles, Melissa mbowles@english.usu.edu 797-3651 Grad Student English HASS
Brazier, Amy abrazier@english.usu.edu 797-2734 Staff English HASS
Butler, Nicole nbutler@english.usu.edu 797-7118 Grad Student English HASS
Cook, Jessica ctbcookie1@hotmail.com 605-580-1072 Student English HASS
Cook, Kelli Cargile kcargilecook@english.usu.edu 797-0263 Faculty English HASS
Cooper, Christine ccooper@english.usu.edu 797-3856 Faculty English HASS
Coulbrooke, Star scoulbrooke@english.usu.edu 797-2726 Faculty English HASS
Crawford, Dustin dcrawford@english.usu.edu 797-2717 Grad Student English HASS
Dahl, Angie angiedahl@gmail.com 797-2737 Grad Student English HASS
Deery, Ryan  rdeery@gmail.com Student English HASS
Dethier, Brock Bdethier@english.usu.edu 797-3546 Faculty English HASS
Diezmos, Michael die9298@setonhill.edu Student English HASS
Doney, Elise  email 801-671-4018 Student English HASS
Gabbert, Lisa lgabbert@english.usu.edu 797-2721 Faculty English HASS
Gabriel, Mary Kay  mk@marykaygaydos.com Student English HASS
Gantt, Patricia M. pgantt@english.usu.edu 797-2718 Faculty English HASS
Graham, Shane sgraham@english.usu.edu 797-2719 Faculty English HASS
Grant-Davie, Keith keith@cc.usu.edu 797-3547 Faculty English HASS
Harris, Sarah sarahlou62@gmail.com 491-0314 Student English HASS
Hilliard, Lyra lyra_spoons@yahoo.com Student English HASS
Johnson, Ben gq709dr@yahoo.com 232-2773 Student English HASS
Latta, Katy katy.l@aggiemail.usu.edu 435-760-2649 Student English HASS
Lee, Christopher macvist@hotmail.com Student English HASS
Lewis, Kati emmaethan42@yahoo.com 801-985-0574 Grad Student English HASS
Linderman, Chelsi csutton@english.usu.edu Grad Student English HASS
Macauley, Stephen natmacauley@yahoo.com 797-5812 Grad Student English HASS
Macdonald, Robert email Student English HASS
Magsemen, Kurt kmagsamen@english.usu,edu 797-2717 Grad Student English HASS
McNeill, Lynne lynne.mcneill@usu.edu 750-5292 Faculty English HASS
Melchart, Astrid amelchart@english.usu.edu 764-3018 Grad Student English HASS
Mendelkow, Jacoba jmendelkow@english.usu.edu Student English HASS
Moeller, Ryan Rylish@english.usu.edu 797-8637 Faculty English HASS
Moody-Bouwhuis, Sherilynn sbouwhuis@english.usu.edu 881-8050 Student English HASS
Olsen, Eric eric.olsen@usu.edu 797-1108 Student English HASS
Omer, Emily emily_omer@hotmail.com 801-310-6902 Student English HASS
Paudyal, Binod ppoudyalbinod@gmail.com Student English HASS
Paxton, Alisha apaxton@english.usu.edu 797-2717 Grad Student English HASS
Quick, Ben bquick@english.usu.edu 797-2733 Grad Student English HASS
Robison, Heather hrobison@english.usu.edu 797-0266 Grad Student English HASS
Shifrer, Anne annes@cc.usu.edu 797-2731 Faculty English HASS
Smith, Maure msmith@english.usu.edu 797-2717 Grad Student English HASS
Stephens, Liz lstephens@english.usu.edu 797-3165 Faculty English HASS
Stoecki, Sarah sstoeckl@english.usu.edu 797-3363 Grad Student English HASS
Stout, Katie kbstout@gmail.com Student English HASS
Straight, Nathan n.straight@usu.edu 797-1784 Faculty English HASS
Vernon, Laura lvernon@english.usu.edu 797-2737 Grad Student English HASS
White, Melinda melsprite@hotmail.com 770-8409 Grad Student English HASS
Culver, Lawrence Lawrence.culver@usu.edu 797-3101 Faculty History HASS
Damen, Mark mdamen@hass.usu.edu 797-3786 Faculty History HASS
Doyle, Carolyn cdoyle@hass.usu.edu 797-1301 Staff History HASS
Grieve, Victoria Victoria.Grieve@usu.edu 797-0145 Faculty History HASS
O'Neill, Colleen Colleen.oneill@usu.edu 797-1297 Faculty History HASS
Pedro, Jessica Rose jpedro@hass.usu.edu 753-0639 Grad Student History HASS
Ritterhouse, Jennifer ritterhouse@hass.usu.edu 797-0917 Faculty History HASS
Sanders, James jsanders@hass.usu.edu 797-1294 Faculty History HASS
Titchner, Fran f.b.titchener@usu.edu 797-1298 Faculty History HASS
Tonioli, Jonathan jtonioli@rocketmail.com 435-849-0123 Student History HASS
Schroeder, Tom faschroe@cc.usu.edu 797-1237 Faculty Intensive English Lang. HASS
Golightly, KC kcgolightly@msn.com 770-1321 Student Interior Design HASS
Cooper, Brenda bcooper@cc.usu.edu 797-3253 Faculty Journalism & Comm. HASS
Erickson, Lydia lyder@cc.usu.edu 801-573-0458 Student Journalism & Comm. HASS
Pease, Ted tpease@cc.usu.edu 797-3293 Faculty Journalism & Comm. HASS
Roka, Les lroka@cc.usu.edu 797-0369 Faculty Journalism & Comm. HASS
de Jonge-Kannan, Karin karin.dejongekan@usu.edu 797-8318 Faculty Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Gordon, Sarah sgordon@cc.usu.edu 797-8213 Faculty Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Rego, Cacildo crego@hass.usu.edu 797-7102 Faculty Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Spicer-Escalante, J.P. jpspicer@cc.usu.edu 797-0709 Faculty Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Trygstad, Brandy smurfgurl22@yahoo.com 764-0270 Student Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Webb, Megan meve@cc.usu.edu 797-5728 Student Lang Phil & SpCom HASS
Gray, Steve Stecgra@cc.usu.edu 881-7497 Student Music HASS
Hearns, Maureen mhearns@cc.usu.edu 797-3030 Faculty Music HASS
Hogan, Rebecca rebeccahogan@cc.usu.edu 764-0773 Student Music HASS
Vogele, Kyle kvogele@cc.usu.edu - Student Music HASS
Jensen, Christy tuxedojazzdevil@hotmail.com 719-359-0319 Student Music  HASS
Aardema, Melissa melaa@cc.usu.edu 797-5792 Student Political Science HASS
Janssen, Paul praetorpaulius@yahoo.com Student Political Science HASS
Sanchez, Veronica vsanchez@cc.usu.edu 797-6916 Student Political Science HASS
Ward, Veronica veronica.ward@usu.edu 797-1319 Faculty Political Science HASS
Bohm, Maggie email 208-283-1863 Student Sociology HASS
Cottrell, Matt Dee  mattdeec@yahoo.com Student Sociology HASS
Shyann Child shy.child@aggiemail.usu.edu 797-1230 Student Sociology HASS
Van Geem, Stephen s.vangeem@aggiemail.usu.edu 760-7123 Student Sociology HASS
Meacham, Staci scmeacham@cc.usu.edu 801-529-7205 Student Speech/ASUSU HASS
Ames, Zachary zachames@gmail.com - Student SSWA HASS
Chairez, Veronica vchairez@cc.usu.edu 755-2942 Student SSWA HASS
Dawson, Susan sdawson@hass.usu.edu 797-1287 Faculty SSWA HASS
Glass, Christy cglass@hass.usu.edu 797-1258 Faculty SSWA HASS
Glass-Coffin, Bonnie Glasscob@cc.usu.edu 797-5703 Faculty SSWA HASS
Godfrey, John johngodfrey@cc.usu.edu 232-6933 Student SSWA HASS
Harline, Brandi bharline@cc.usu.edu 720-7338 Student SSWA HASS
Hook, Abby kittylove617@yahoo.com 801-915-7231 Student SSWA HASS
Jackson-Smith, Douglas douglasj@hass.usu.edu 797-0582 Faculty SSWA HASS
Lambert, Pat plambert@hass.usu.edu 797-2603 Faculty SSWA HASS
Lancy, David dlancy@cc.usu.edu 797-1322 Faculty SSWA HASS
Paul, Nichole npaul@cc.usu.edu 753-3364 Student SSWA HASS
Peak, Terry tpeak@hass.usu.edu 797-4080 Faculty SSWA HASS
Price, Jay T. Jtprice157@yahoo.com 797-6364 Student SSWA HASS
Stroud, Katey kdstroud@cc.usu.edu 797-5656 Student SSWA HASS
Trentelman, Carla Koons carlakt@cc.usu.edu 797-7147 Grad Student SSWA HASS
Martin, Christopher chopperirish@gmail.com 994-0772 Grad Student Theatre HASS
McBride, Jon puchicana@hotmail.com 801-231-7231 Student Theatre HASS
Preeshl, Artemis apreeshl@hass.usu.edu 797-3025 Faculty Theatre HASS
Doyle, Kevin kdoyle@hass.usu.edu 797-3022 Faculty Theatre  HASS
Baldwin, Ben  ben.baldwin@usu.edu 797-2582 Staff Environment & Society  NR
Bean, Elyse  elyse.bean@aggiemail.usu.edu 801-414-3170 Student Environment & Society  NR
Peck, Tiffany tiffany.peck@hfs.usu.edu 797-0277 Staff Environment & Society  NR
Mesner, Nancy nancym@ext.usu.edu 797-7541 Faculty WATS NR
Van Miegroet, Helga helgavm@cc.usu.edu 797-3175 Faculty WATS  NR
Long, James N. fakpb@cc.usu.edu 797-2574 Faculty WILD NR
Schmidt, Robert rschmidt@cc.usu.edu 797-2536 Faculty WILD NR
Schupp, Eugene schuppe@cc.usu.edu 797-2475 Faculty WILD NR
O'Brien, Carrie carriejobrien@hotmail.com Grad Student NR
Thomas, Anne mthom@cc.usu.edu 757-0454 Grad Student NR
Wagner, Maureen Maureen@cc.usu.edu 797-2448 Staff NR
Weeks, John jweeks@gis.usu.edu 797-7677 Staff NR
Jones, Nathan a.n.jones@aggiemail.usu.edu 764-7436 Student Biochemistry SCI
Brouillette, Amber amnoelle@biology.usu.edu Student Biology SCI
Der, Joshua jpder@biology.usu.edu 760-4907 Student Biology SCI
Piep, Michael fungi@biology.usu.edu 797-0061 Staff Biology SCI
Watrous, Kristal kwatrous@biology.usu.edu 760-4908 Grad Student Biology SCI
Kobe, Yvonne ybkobe@cc.usu.edu 753-5031 Student Biology  SCI
Lahti, Megan phrynosoma@biology.usu.edu 509-899-3874 Grad Student Biology  SCI
Furniss, Britanny superstuff13@hotmail.com 801-419-1602 Student Computer Science  SCI
Cangelosi, James jcang@math.usu.edu 797-1415 Faculty Mathematics & Stat. SCI
King, Dixie dixie.king@usu.edu 797-2809 Staff Mathematics & Stat.  SCI
Kohler, Brynja Brynja.Kohler@usu.edu 797-2826 Faculty Mathematics & Stat.  SCI
Scott, Sara sarascott@cc.usu.edu 801-682-0113 Student Physics SCI
Hintze, Misha gkol124@yahoo.com 801-558-9466 Student Undecided SCI
Benanti, Sarah sbenanti76@yahoo.com Grad Student SCI
Ellis, Mark mellis@biology.usu.edu 232-6604 Grad Student SCI
Holzer, Dawn dholzer@cc.usu.edu 797-2662 Staff SCI
Rosenthal, Carol Carol.rosenthal@usu.edu 797-4027 Staff VP Office. Stu. Serv.
Schultz, Josh jjschultz@cc.usu.edu Student ASUSU Stu. Serv.
Kobe, Kevin kevin.kobe@usu.edu 797-1502 Staff Campus Recreation Stu. Serv.
LeBeau, Gabrielle  gaby.lebeau@usu.edu 797-0549 Staff Campus Recreation Stu. Serv.
Hennon, Margaret pegh@cc.usu.edu 797-8085 Staff Career Services Stu. Serv.
Berry, Thomas trberry@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Chenoweth, Erica echenoweth@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Dickens, Yani ydickens@cc.usu.edu 702-239-0921 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Doty, Mark medoty@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Helms, LuAnn lhelms@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Kleiner, Amy Akleiner@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
McGinnis, Patience pmcginnis@cc.usu.edu Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Moltz, Lauren LaurenMoltz@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Nafziger, Mark marknafz@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Stenken, Gerrett ghstenken@cc.usu.edu 797-1012 Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Baum, Diane diane.baum@usu.edu 797-1923 Staff Disability Resource Cen. Stu. Serv.
Hansen, Natelie galloro@cc.usu.edu 797-3434 Staff Disability Resource Cen. Stu. Serv.
Lord, Christine clord@cc.usu.edu 797-2444 Staff Disability Resource Cen. Stu. Serv.
Peck, Tina tmpeck@cc.usu.edu 797-2444 Staff Disability Resource Cen. Stu. Serv.
Wade, Angie Alwade@cc.usu.edu 797-0104 Staff Disability Resource Cen. Stu. Serv.
Clark, Rebecca rebecca.clark@usu.edu 797-2621 Staff FACT/IT Stu. Serv.
Milovich, Todd milovich@cc.usu.edu 797-0190 Staff Financial Aid Stu. Serv.
Dalton, Jon  jon.dalton@aggiemail.usu.edu 513-1892 Student Housing Stu. Serv.
Hunsaker, Chris  email 801-678-4430 Student Housing Stu. Serv.
Morrison, Brian  brian.morrison@usu.edu 797-6811 Staff Housing Stu. Serv.
Torres, Ammon llpres79@hotmail.com 801-673-9190 Student Housing Stu. Serv.
Jacob, Steve sjacob@cc.usu.edu 797-6143 Staff/RA Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Jolley, Shannon Shannon.jolley@hfs.usu.edu 797-8224 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Jones, Sarah sarah.jones@hfs.usu.ed 797-5979 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Milligan, Whitney whitney.milligan@hfs.usu.edu 797-3123 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Ralphs, Christopher Chris.ralphs@hfs.usu.edu 797-6382 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Rowley, Megan megan.rowley@hfs.usu.edu 797-0494 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Waller, Michael michael)chester@hotmail.com 760-3685 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Webb, January january.webb@hfs.usu.edu 797-3263 Staff Housing & Dining Stu. Serv.
Curley, Sam samcurley@cc.usu.edu 797-1765 Staff Multicultural St Serv. Stu. Serv.
Lopez, Johnny johnny.lopez@usu.edu 797-2326 Staff Multicultural St Serv. Stu. Serv.
Groves, Fawn fawn.groves@usu.edu 797-2813 Staff OISS Stu. Serv.
Christensen, Mindy mindy.christensen@usu.edu 797-1081 Staff Registrar Stu. Serv.
Deschamps, Krystin Krystin.Deschamps@usu.edu 797-0977 Staff Registrar Stu. Serv.
Jacobs, Angela angela.jacobs@usu.edu 797-1115 Staff/Student Registrar Stu. Serv.
Baldwin, Stephanie stephanie.baldwin@usu.edu 797-8222 Staff Student Involv./Leaders. Stu. Serv.
Evans, Tiffany M. tiffanye@cc.usu.edu 797-2911 Staff Student Involv./Leaders. Stu. Serv.
Mecham, Keri Kerim@cc.usu.edu 797-1740 Staff Student Involv./Leaders. Stu. Serv.
McKinlay, Jamie jjmckinlay@cc.usu.edu 797-7867 Staff Student Wellness Stu. Serv.
Bogdan, Michelle michelle.bogdan@usu.edu 797-3461 Staff UATS Stu. Serv.
Hancock, Lisa Lisa.hancock@usu.edu 797-1125 Staff UATS Stu. Serv.
Walden, Beth beth.walden@usu.edu 797-3373 Staff UATS Stu. Serv.
Clark, Kent kent.clark@usu.edu 797-2645 Staff University Advanc. Stu. Serv.
Doty, Mary   Staff Counseling Cen. Stu. Serv.
Johnson, Kristie Student Art xAlumni
Grant, Lew Student College of Business  xAlumni
Bushman, Bryan bbushman@cc.usu.edu Staff/GA Counseling Cen. xAlumni
Puchbauer, Diane Staff Counseling Cen. xAlumni
Wing, Ed Staff Counseling Cen. xAlumni
Yoo, Brandon Staff Counseling Cen. xAlumni
Stott, Kathy Staff Counseling Cen.  xAlumni
Zakrzewski, Rob Staff  Counseling Cen.  xAlumni
Gallegher-Geurtsen, Tricia Faculty Elementary xAlumni
Ball, Cheryl E.   Faculty English xAlumni
Bateman, Wilson A. Student English xAlumni
Brough, Debra Student English xAlumni
Fitzgerald, Kathryn kfitzgerald@english.usu.edu   Faculty English xAlumni
Meeks, Lynn Faculty English xAlumni
Walters, Maria Grad Student English xAlumni
Watters, Carol Grad Student English xAlumni
Dillon, Elisha Student History xAlumni
Astin, Scott Staff/RA Housing & Dining xAlumni
Lamere, Trenton Staff/PM Housing & Dining xAlumni
Wereley, Meghan Staff/PM Housing & Dining xAlumni
Robinson, Salli sallirob@cc.usu.edu Grad Student HPER xAlumni
Rush, Sara Student HPER xAlumni
Martz, Cy Student Journalism & Comm.  xAlumni
Johnsen, Debbie Staff Library xAlumni
Morrison, Rob Faculty Library xAlumni
Vazquez, J.C. Staff Multicultural St Serv xAlumni
York, Elizabeth Faculty  Music xAlumni
Allred, Daniel Student Political Science xAlumni
Enno, Angela Student Psychology xAlumni
Lensegrar-Benson, Tera Grad Student Psychology xAlumni
Sneddon, Penny Grad Student Psychology xAlumni
Sheranian, Sarah Student Special xAlumni
Henderson, Jill Student SSWA xAlumni
Franco, Juan N. Staff VP for Student Serv. xAlumni
Koper, Teresa Grad Student xAlumni

† Deceased, In Memoriam