Accessibility Resources


There are a variety of resources at your fingertips to help you get started with accessibility or help you with a specific problem. Check out the list below for online and campus resources that are available to help make the Aggie experience more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone!

If you are new to accessibility, the getting started page is a great place to begin.

Feel free to browse the many pages on this accessibility website, as well. They work together to give you a better idea of the resources and guidance that the school has to offer as you learn about accessibility. You will also find direction that will help you make your classroom, course, or program a place that’s enjoyable and productive for everyone.

Computer keyboard with button that says "accessibility"

The Disability Resource Center

The DRC’s role is to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with necessary accommodations. These are meant to help them overcome barriers they face as they pursue their goals and participate in the university’s programs, services, and activities. Students are expected to make the university aware of their accommodation needs by contacting an Accessibility Counselor.

Decisions on accommodations provided by USU vary based on the impact of a student’s disability and the requirements of a course or program. Accommodations can be requested for any element of the university experience.

To learn more about the DRC or make an appointment with an Accessibility Counselor, visit the DRC's official website.

Ally Usability Tools

Ally Accessibility tools have been integrated into Canvas to make it functional for everyone. These tools allow users to adapt learning materials to their specific needs by providing alternate formats of reading materials to students and their instructors. You can learn how to access this feature on the academic support webpage.

Other Resources

Several departments and members of the University’s staff work diligently to create an inclusive environment that will allow every student to succeed. If you have questions, complaints, or recommendations that will help improve the resources available to students and/or staff, visit the accessibility services contact page.