Students standing on the quad infront of Old Main

Aggie First Scholars (AFS) is the first-generation college student success program at Utah State University. Our initiatives strive to support and connect every first-generation college student with resources and a community of campus mentors. Supporting around 20% of the undergraduate student body at USU's Logan Campus is no small task. A task that without the support from generous donors like yourself, would be daunting and near impossible. Your donations will go towards scholarships that will support our volunteer, peer mentors who lead other first-generation college students like themselves. It is through their efforts that they come to Know the Potential Within, stepping into the world of a hidden curriculum, and take on the task of breaking down unseen barriers.

During an economic recession, first-generation college students are at higher risk of not persisting to graduation. Help us combat this reality and support first-generation college students in achieving their goals by donating to Aggie First Scholars and sharing our efforts with others.