Deferring Your Admission at USU

Deferment Checklist

Checkbox  Orientation: Determine whether you need to begin orientation and class registration this semester, or wait until you return. If you know you are leaving prior to attending one semester, you do not need to do orientation because you will redo it upon your return.

Checkbox  Scholarships: If you were offered a scholarship from the Admissions Office, be sure to accept that award by the date printed on your scholarship letter. If you were offered a scholarship from anyone other than the Admissions Office, contact them to ask if you can put your scholarship on hold.

Checkbox  Financial Aid: Complete a FAFSA if you think there is a chance you may attend at least one semester before you leave. The FAFSA must be resubmitted each year that you want aid.

Checkbox  Password: Create your "Strong Password" as well as challenge questions so you can retrieve an expired password when you return.

Checkbox  Preferred Email: Set your preferred email to something you or a delegate will check.

Checkbox  Security Phrase: Create a phrase that you can use to identify yourself if you call to conduct business over the phone

Checkbox  Delegate: Set up a delegate and give them a copy of your information. Your delegate should be able to access your preferred email if you will not be checking it regularly.

Checkbox  Reminders: Set reminders on your calendar so you are aware of the dates for filing a FAFSA, beginning orientation, and registering for classes upon your return. 

  • FAFSA opens Oct 1 each year for the following academic year
  • Orientation opens: Feb for summer/fall, Oct for the spring semester 
  • Registration begins: April for summer, May for fall, Nov for the spring semester 

Checkbox  Registration Plan: Look at the registration guides and degree maps for your intended major (or majors that interest you if you don't have a major right now). Create a plan in Degree Works so you can easily register when you return.

Checkbox  Deferral: Complete your deferral application once you know your official leave date. If you change your plans, submit a new application with your updated return semester.

Checkbox Things To Remember: 

  • A-Number
  • Strong Password
  • Challenge Question Answers
  • Preferred Email
  • Security Phrase
  • Leave Semester
  • Return Semester

Additional Questions

Admissions Office
Deferral Processing and Policy Questions
1.800.488.8108 or 435-797-1079