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Freshmen Student Admissions Information

Application Materials

  • Application
  • Application Fee: $50 nonrefundable
  • High School Transcripts or GED score
  • ACT or SAT Scores
  • Official College Transcript(s) of concurrent enrollment

Admission Deadlines
Scholarship Deadlines

High School Preparation

Applicants are expected to have completed the college preparatory courses outlined in the table or complete the requirements during the first 30 semester hours of study at USU.

Subject Years (Units)
English 4 emphasizing composition/literature
Mathematics 3 selected from elementary algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, college or advanced algebra, or calculus (strongly recommended that students take up to at least trigonometry).
Biological/Physical Science 3 science courses that meet either state or local graduation requirements. At least one course must provide a laboratory experience.
American History 1
Additional Courses 4 chosen from at least two of the following: history, English, mathematics beyond intermediate algebra, laboratory science, foreign language, social science, and fine arts.
Foreign Language 2 recommended of the same foreign language

Admissions Standard

To be admitted in good standing to a bachelor's degree program, applicants are expected to graduate from an accredited high school with a minimum 2.5 GPA, a minimum ACT score of 17, and a minimum 90 Admissions Index score. Applicants whose scores do not meet the standard will be considered on an individual basis and/or offered admissions to one of our Eastern or Regional Campuses located throughout the state. Applicants who have not graduated from high school may apply with a GED in place of the high school transcript. A minimum GED score of 656 (550 Battery Average prior to 2014) is required.