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Nonresident Transfer Scholarships


February 1 - All Campuses
Student Involvement & Need-based
February 1 - All Campuses
Nonresident & Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver

November 1 for Spring 2016 - All Campuses
August 1 for Fall 2016 - All Campuses

Academic scholarships are limited and will only be awarded to students who apply and qualify by February 1. Improvements to a GPA and earned credit hours will not be considered after the deadline. Consideration for academic scholarship will not be given to any applicant after February 1 unless students attend a USU Transfer Open House, excluding the nonresident waiver.

Academic scholarships can be used across all Utah State University campuses, as described below.

To be considered for scholarships, applicants must:

  • Complete online application to USU for fall 2016
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident Status
  • Have intent to graduate from Utah State University
  • Complete a minimum of 24 post-high school credits at time of the scholarship deadline, February 1.
    • Students with less than 24 credits: scholarships will be awarded upon a combination of post-high school credits, concurrent enrollment, high school GPA, and ACT/SAT.
  • Be a new, first-time student to Utah State University. Returning students and 2nd bachelor students do not qualify for academic scholarships. Concurrent enrollment students are still eligible for scholarships.
  • Student planning to defer admission to a later semester should apply for fall 2016 to be eligible for scholarships.

All multiple-year awards apply to nonresident tuition for the first year and resident tuition for remaining years. Students are encouraged to gain residency during their first year.

Scholarships are effective for fall 2016 only and are subject to change. Scholarships will be awarded based on the amount of credits and GPA earned as of February 1. No academic scholarships will be awarded to students applying after February 1.

Academic Scholarships


4.0 cumulative GPA
100% tuition & student fees, 2 years
Applies to all campuses


3.8-3.99 cumulative GPA
100% tuition, 2 years
Applies to all campuses


3.6-3.79 cumulative GPA
1st year - nonresident waiver
2nd year - 65% resident tuition
Applies to all campuses

Nonresident Waiver

Deadline: August 1
1 year, nonresident portion of tuition
Logan/Regional Campuses: 3.2-3.59 GPA (approx. $13,000)
Eastern: 2.7-3.59 GPA (approx. $3,000)

100-Mile Radius

1 year
Logan/Regional Campuses: 3.0-3.19 cumulative GPA (approx. $10,500)
Eastern 2.5-2.69 cumulative GPA (approx. $2,600)
Must graduate from a high school within 100 miles of the campus the student will attend.[see which schools]

Other Scholarships


Application closed February 1, 2016
Amount varies, 1 year
In addition to online application, student required to complete FAFSA by March 15.
Applies to all campuses
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Application closed February 1, 2016
Amount varies, 1 year
Applies to all campuses
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Legacy Waiver

Deadline: November 1 for Spring 2016
                August 1 for Fall 2016
Nonresident portion of tuition (approx. $13,000), 4 years
At least one parent or grandparent must have graduated from Utah State University
Applies to USU Logan Main Campus and Eastern Campus in Price.
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University Ambassador

Application closed February 1, 2016
3.2 GPA/36 post high school hours
Full tuition & student fees
1 year, renewable up to 2 years
Online application and electronic upload of portfolio required. Students can apply to be a University Ambassador at the Logan Main Campus.
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