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Give Your Story

Over 47,000 alumni and friends have made gifts in support of The Campaign for Utah State: Honoring Tradition, Securing Our Future. Behind each of these gifts is a unique and inspiring story.  Since the beginning of the campaign, we have made an effort to collect stories from our alumni and friends who give, as well as stories of students whose lives are forever changed by these gifts.

But there are still more stories to be written. Stories about students who overcome financial difficulties and achieve academic success, stories about new programs that are made possible through a donorג€™s vision, and stories about state-of-the-art facilities that wouldnג€™t be possible without devoted benefactors who understand the need. These stories wonג€™t be written without support from alumni, friends and loyal supporters of Utah State University ג€“ your support.

During this season of thanksgiving, we hope you will contribute to the stories we collect by making a gift and supporting our students.