The Senior Class Gift Tradition

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The tradition that started in 1909, over 100 years ago continues to be a tradition today!


Class of 2012:

This year’s Senior Gift joined forces with blue goes green to install an outdoor water station near the quad. Blue goes green installed a number of other water stations around campus to help reduce bottle waste and lower the carbon footprint of our campus.

Water Fountain


Class of 2011:

A concrete foundation and outline of pavers were donated to beautify and secure the placement of the Block "A" near Old Main.

A Block Renovation


Class of 2010:

A covered bike rack north of the Natural Resources building, was donated so that bikes could be more secure and safe from the elements.

Covered Bike Rack - Senior Gift 2010


Class of 2009:

A campus map by the conference center was donated so visitors or new students can better find their way around campus.

Campus Map Kiosk - Senior Gift 2009


Class of 2008:

A sign on 4th north was donated as a greeting to visitors and students as they enter campus.

Campus Sign - Senior Gift 2008


Class of 2007:

A study room in the library was given.

Library Study Room - Senior Gift 2007


Class of 1966:

The sign quoting Proverb 4:7 hangs in the front of the library.

Library Sign - Senior Gift 1966


Class of 1961:

The Hello Walk was a created to promote friendship by encouraging students and teacher to say "hello" to one another.

Hello Walk - Senior Gift 1961


Class of 1925:

The amphitheater was created by the labor of students. And the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. It has been used for summer classes, music festivals and commencement.

Old Main Hill Amphitheater - Senior Gift 1925


Class of 1920:

The marble bench sits on Old Main hill where people can sit and enjoy the valley view.

Old Main Hill Bench - Senior Gift 1920


Class of 1909:

The first senior class gift was the bells heard in the tower of Old Main. The bells have been replaced with an electric chime that is still played on campus.

Old Main Tower Bells - Senior Gift 1909