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Aggie Bike Share Program: Trek BCycle ‘Dash’ Bikes

Utah State University will be one of the first campus bike share programs in the U.S. with the innovative new Dash bike. These bikes will create a way to connect students to campus and the community.

We’re asking you to help us by supporting the 2017 Senior Gift. With your help, there will be up to twenty Dash bikes for students to use on campus and throughout Cache Valley. This will be the beginning of an ongoing project to add alternative transportation to all members of Utah State University and the local community in order to reduce noise, air pollution, and traffic congestion.

As a senior, this is your opportunity to leave your mark at USU and take part in the Class Gift tradition. Join in this effort by supporting this sustainable project.

About Trek BCycle ‘Dash’ Bikes:

BCycle’s new ‘Dash’ smart bikes are 8-speed, internally geared bikes designed and engineered by Trek specifically for bike share. The Dash bike will feature full-time active GPS and a state-of-the-art heads up display and touchscreen. Students will be able to check bikes out through the mobile app, with a membership card, or with the on-bike technology.



  • Heads up Display- Color Touchscreen which gives riders essential information such as ride duration, distance, time, calories, etc.
  • Turn by turn directions- when riders pair their phone to the bike using the BCycle app the display provides turn by turn directions or point of interest.
  • Increased access to a bike-Use the BCycle app to reserve and checkout a bike.
  • Flexible checkout- GPS and built-in U-lock allow the user to return a bike anywhere in the operating area. You can also pause a ride, lock up the bike, and return to the bike after running a quick errand
  • Security- On board GPS and an accelerometer allow for identification of vandalism or theft.
  • Solar Power- A 13” by 3” solar panel powers the on board electronics and a large litium ion battery provides full power autonomy.
  • Biker storage- Front basket holds up to 20 lbs. of cargo. Rear rack accepts standard panniers and holds up to 40 lbs.

We wish to purchase 3 bikes that will be available to use on campus and around Logan within the riding parameters. Each bike will have a decal indicating “Class of 2017.”

How to Give

  • Make your gift online, right here on this page
  • Answer the phone during the Senior Gift Phone Drive
  • Visit us in the USU Welcome Center

Please be sure to attend our Senior Celebration Events

Senior Celebration Dinner Registration
Senior Celebration Breakfast Registration

Student Giving Advisor
Ryan Baldwin

Giving questions? Please contact:

Wendy Oliverson
Assistant Director of Gift Management