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Help Students Reach Their Dreams

As part of Utah State University’s land grant mission, USU makes college education accessible for students of all ages in Beaver County. Students at USU-Beaver or USU-Milford are either working, taking concurrent enrollment classes while in high school, raising families, or are unable to relocate and take courses on a full-time, traditional schedule. At USU students have the opportunity to choose from certificate programs to associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in a range of fields. Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to complete their degree faster by attending full-time, without taking breaks to work and save money for tuition. Help create an opportunity for higher education in your community by creating a scholarship.

You can help make a college education affordable in three ways:

Giving questions? Please contact:

Wendy Oliverson
Assistant Director of Gift Management

An endowed scholarship is one where a donor makes a gift that is invested in the university’s endowment pool. Each year, a portion of the earnings is used to fund the award to a student or students. The current spending rule for en­dowment funds is that 4% of the value of the endowment is spent on the award annually. Endowed scholarships are named by the donor. They can be named for the donor, or for a different individual or individuals specified by the donor.

Each endowed scholarship has a gift agreement that is signed by the donor and the university that lays out the terms of the gift. The minimum gift required to establish an endowment is $25,000. With the current spending rule, an endowment of that size that has been invested for a complete year will generate an annual award of about $1,000 depending on market fluctuations.

Steps to creating an endowed scholarship:

  1. Make the commitment to support USU-Beaver or USU-Milford students.
  2. Determine the following:
    1. Scholarship amount
    2. Qualifications for receiving the scholarship
  3. Provide a brief description on why the scholarship was created.

For your scholarship, USU will:

  • Promote the award, gather and review applications, conduct interviews, and award the scholarship
  • Provide a charitable tax receipt
  • Receive an annual financial report of the performance of your endowment.
  • Supply a report of students receiving the scholarship
  • Have the student(s) receiving the scholarship write a thank-you letter
  • Arrange a photo opportunity for recipient and donor as requested

For more information about creating a scholarship to help make local students’ college dreams a reality contact:

Nancy Glomb