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Loyalty Society

While we are grateful to all of our donors, we believe that those individuals who support Utah State University each year with a contribution deserve special acknowledgment. To recognize donors who have 5 or more years of consecutive giving to Utah State, we have created the “Loyalty Society”. At June 30, 2011, there were more than 4700 individual members of the Loyalty Society. Thank you, dear friends, for your continued support.

We begin with a list of those who have donated for 20+ consecutive years.  Visit the complete honor roll on line at www.usu.edu/advancement/honorroll.

20+ Years Consecutive Donors

† denotes deceased

Dale W. Adams
Robert Dell Adamson
C. Blythe and Anne T. Ahlstrom
Warren G. and Mary Alexander
Steve and Vicki Allan
Rick and Tamara Allen
J R and Theresa Allred
Geraldine and LaMar Anderson
J. LaMar and Jeri Anderson
Loren and Mary Anderson
SuzAnn Arroz
Deborah and Frank R. Ascione
Dennis and Ann Austin
Karla L. and Bruce E. Axtell

Shari Badger
Jay and DeVonna Bagley
Randall and Tanya Bagley
Verl L. Bagley
DeeVon and Marilyn Bailey
Martha H. Balph
Jeffrey and Patricia Banks
LeRoy and Ann Barker
Haven J. Barlow
Diane C. Baum
Bob and Kathy Bayn
Caryn Beck-Dudley and Lynn Dudley
Margaret Bickmore
Kenneth D. Bigler
Steven and Roxanne Bilbao
Cynthia H. and Jim Bilskie
Ralph and Jane Binns
Bruce and Sally Bishop
Mary and John A. Bissonette
Gary R. and Karen K. Black
Joseph and Vicki Blanch
Richard A. and Terri L. Boudrero
Tyler and Marni Bowles
Kent E. Bracken
Timothy and Mary Ann Bramhall
George Merrill Brown
Ellot and Kathryn Brunson
Brent and Jolene Bunnell
Lee H. and Diann Burke
Joanne W. Burnett
Evertt and Jeanne Byington

Clifford R. and Patricia L. Cahoon
Christopher and Noelle Call
Peter and Kimilee Campbell
Lawrence and Helen Cannon
Raymond and Ruth Cartee
Gary and Ruth Ann Chambers
Robert and Helen Chambers
George Herbert and Helen Champ
J. Peter and Janet M. Chase
Rod and Kirstine Clark
Glenda R. Cole
Richard G. Cole
Jeri Garner and Richard Collings
Noel and Molly Cooley
Val E. Cooley
Dr. David F. and Mrs. Kathy B. Coppin
Thomas D. and Joanne Coppin
Philip Coulter

Merrill C. and Betty Daines
Roland W. Dance
Richard and Pamela Davidson
Kenny H. and Gracie Davis
Kris and Norman R. Davis
Robert and Francine Davis
Harold E. and Carolyn J. DeLaMare
Eldon M. Drake
Susan Durham and Richard Mueller

Irene and Nick Eastmond, Jr.
Kelly and Kurt Elbert
Yoko Y. Elsner
Debi and Edward Evans
Emma Rae Eyre

Mary A. Farley
BrandE Faupell and Derrick Thom
Jon Paul Fishburn
Russell and Barbara Fjeldsted
Kay and Alfred S. Forsyth, Jr.
Cecelia H. Foxley
Robert S. and Donna Frost
Jerry W. and Sue Fuhriman
Juanita C. and William Furlong

John and Debbi Gable
Bruce J. and Mary Ann Garner
James and Terri Gass
Gregory B. and Kayleen Gensel
Kayleen and Gregory Gensel
Robert B. Gibbons, MD
Marilynne and R. Edward Glatfelter
Earl G. and Carol Glenn
Donna Gossner
Val and Sue Grant
David W. and Terrie L. Griffith

Randy and Kathryn Hadfield
H. Lee Hales, Jr.
Conly and Joyce Hansen
Keith M. and Dane Hansen
Ted and Lenis Hansen
Wilford J. Hanson
Phillip E. and Jeniel† Harris
David and Jan Hart
Anne and Eastman Hatch
Anne Hedrich and Paul Rogers
Ruth B. Helm
James P. and Trudy G. Hess
Eugene and Maureen Higham
Margaret and Russ Holdredge
Charles W. Holmgren
Joyce Howell
Stuart and Marsha Howell
Laura Grant Howells
Dale and Linda Huffaker
Todd and Sandra Hugie
Fred R. and Sharon Hunsaker
Lloyd R. and Sonja Hunsaker

Mark S. Innocenti
Boyd and Carma Israelsen

Michael Jablonski and Cynthia Johnson
Ross D. and Nola Jackson
Richard S. Jacobson
Thomas and Tracy James
Dean J. and Linda B. Janes
Lynn E. and Irma Janes
Miles P. and Janet K. Jensen
Dell A. Johnson and Mary Palley
Norman L. Jones and Cecile E. Gilmer

John and Linda Keith
Andrew and Lauren Keller
Jack and Sally A. Keller
Joseph L. and Diane Keller
John and Barbara Kerr
Timothy P. and Pamela K. King
Kathleen Kingsbury and John Alley, Jr.
Wallace and Pat Kohler
David and Barbara Kragthorpe

Hal W. and Helen H. LaBelle
Robert and Janice Lamb
Paul and Lorna Larsen
Vicky L. Larsen
Jim and Carol Laub
Craig J. and Nancy† Law
Mary E. and Ronald Leavitt
Thomas and Kathie Lee
Wendy F. and Lawrence J. Leigh
Rae S. Leishman
Howard R. Lemcke, Jr.
David Lewis and Kim Corbin-Lewis
Wendell E. and Ruth Ann Lewis
Ross N. Liff
Jaclyn Littledike
Charles W. Lloyd, Jr.
Cheryle and James Long
Geniel A. Loveless
Carl and Mary Sue Lundahl
William F.† and Velda C. Lye
Janet Lyons

Carl E. and Jerolyn Malouf
Izar and Mary Lou Martinez
Calvin R. and Janet E. Maurer
Wayne B. and Diane R. May
John C. McCarthy
David McComb
Roger McEvoy and Donna P. Stanley
Melvin and Janet Mecham
Steven J. and Darlene Mecham
Reed M. Merrill
Theodore J. Meyers
Stan and Judith Meyrick
Brent and Kevon Miller
Graham Miller, II
Steve and Allison Milne
David Moore and Suzanne Pierce-Moore
Sheldon E. and Sharmeen Moore
Yvonne Morgan
Wendell R. and Linda Morse
Thomas D. and Evva Jean Moulton
Patricia and Dennis Murray
Robert and Beverlee Murray
Elizabeth M. Myers

Rita and John Nelson
Paul M. and Sharon Norton
R. Brent and Ellen Nyman
Ellen D. and R. Brent Nyman

William and Diane Oblock
Janet and Grayson Osborne

Jan and Mike Parent
Grant C. and Rosemary Parkinson
Sid Perkes
Ross and Mary Kay Peterson
G. Kevin Phillips

James H. and Bonnie B. Quigley

Harriet R. and W. E. Rasmussen
A. Spencer and Melanie Raymond
LaRon and Peggy Reynolds
Carolyn Rhodes and Tod Shenton
Cleve A. Rice
Randy and Florence Robins
Kent and Joan Robson
Lee and Yvonne Roderick
David L. and Tamara C. Rogers
James R. Rogers and Sheila Zeepvat
Paul Rogers and Anne Hedrich
Carol A. Rosenthal
Dan C. and Manon Caine Russell

Kristine and Walter Saunders
Bruce L. Schmalz
Kathy Schockmel
Thomas Schroeder and Chiang Hsui-Ming
Christopher and Doreen Seibert
Dennis and Lynn Sessions
Steven and Mary Ann Sharp
Tod Shenton and Carolyn Rhodes
Dr. Daniel Philip Shepardson
Neal M. Shimanuki†
James Shoemaker and Shelly Witt
Caroline Shugart and Robert Schmidt
Randy and Janet Simmons
Janice and Clifford Skousen
Cordell and Nancy Smart
David P. Smith
Don H. Smith
Gil† and Julia Smith
Vicki L. and Chet L. Smith
Donald L. and Linda Snyder
Surain S. Songer
D. A. South
Earl P. Spencer
Bryan Spykerman and Pam Riley
Lyman B. and Kathryn K. Stevens
Barbara and George Stewart, Jr.
Bob and Moneice Stocker
Randall and Julie Stockham
Steven and Betty Stokes
Carol and William Strong
David L. Sturges
Elbert J. and Una Sweeten

Allen G. Taylor, PhD
Robert and Elizabeth Taylor
Maurice G. and Susan H. Thomas
Ralph S. Thomas
Harold and Irene Thomason
Collins L. and Ludean Thompson
Georgia Beth Smith Thompson
Scott and Kathleen Thompson
Dr. Ron Thorkildsen and Dr. Michaelle Robinson
Doris B. Thorpe
Sid and Paula Titensor
Scott and Kathy Tolman
Melinda and Michael Toney

Jan S. and Gilberto E. Urroz

Marilyn and Fred Wagner
Kathryn C. Wanlass
Christine and Robert Wardle
Robert B. and Christine Wardle
R. Dale and Mattie Webber
Jim and Eleanor Wellings
Allen and Dolores Wheeler
Jack and Vonda Whitlock
Chad N. and Lorna P. Widdison
Thomas D. Wilkerson and Mary G. Palmer
Bryan and Nancy Williams
R. Patrick Williams
James Winchester
Leland J. Winger, Jr.
Randolph Wirth and Sally Sears
Shelly Witt and James Shoemaker
Edward and Linda Wolcott
James L. Woodson
Clair and Geraldine Woodward
Zelma Woodward
Christian and Mindi Wright

Richard and Nancy Yonk
Stanford and Susan Young

Nora Zambreno
Sheila Zeepvat and James Rogers