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Old Main Society Member Addresses 2011 Huntsman School of Business Graduates

Jon and Karen Huntsman
Jon and Karen Huntsman

One of the largest graduating classes in the history of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University got a little more than it expected May 7 when the students ended up with two, not just one, commencement speakers.

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Old Main Society Member F. Ross Peterson Will Be The Guide For The History of Civil Rights Tour with Aggie Football at Auburn

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Old Main Society Member Jack Stanfill Answers Seven Questions For Athletics

Jack Stanfill answers seven questions with USU Athletics.

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16th Annual Arrington Lecture Looks Back at its Namesake

Leonard J. Arrington
Leonard J. Arrington

Old Main Soceity Member Susan Madsen is one of the featured speakers at the 16th Annual Leonard J. Arrington Mormon History Lecture.

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Old Main Society Member Professor Craig Law has exhibit in Merrill–Cazier Library

Professor Craig Law has an exhibit in Merrill–Cazier Library from August 13th to September 15th.

Click here and turn to page 3 to see the Cache Magazine Article, “Looking at the ‘art in rock art’”.

USU Entomologist and Old Main Society Member James Pitts finds evolution clues in Utah's “velvet ants”

James Pitts

When discussing how one species evolves into two or more distinct species, scientists often surmise that the major contributing factor is the uplift of mountains, which separates populations and allows them to develop in different ways.

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Old Main Society Member Lou Gay with Mother's Day Flowers

The Herald Journal did an interview with Old Main Society Member Lou Gay, who has worked at The Greenhouse for 24 years arranging flowers and plants.

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Old Main Society Member Sally Keller with Global Village Gifts is “Making a Difference”

Walk into Global Village Gifts and a sea of color radiates through the room.

Jewelry and handbags, children's toys, an onyx chess set – all from countries around the world.

Sally Keller, who founded the nonprofit store in 2003, says she's on a mission to familiarize people with the concept of “fair trade” and contribute to the lives of artisans in dozens of countries.

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USU Professor and Old Main Society Member Susanne Janecke, along with Graduate Students, identify unknown Quake faults in Southern California

Thanks to the efforts by Utah State University geologists, along with advances in mapping technology, fault maps of California look a whole lot different than they did just 16 years ago. And the new findings indicate there may be a whole lot more shakin' going on than previously thought.

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Old Main Society Member Mary Heers volunteers at the English Language Center of Cache Valley

Photo by Braden Wolfe/Herald Journal

It's only been a couple of months, but Mendon resident Mary Heers says she feels "right at home" in her new volunteer position.

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