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Jack Lampros

Long-time Huntsman supporter remembers the early days of Partners in Business

Jack Lampros can go to a Partners In Business seminar anytime he wants for free.

Lampros isn't even an alumnus. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1949. So, why does he get such special treatment?

Because if it weren't for the help of Lampros at a key time for Partners In Business, the organization might not be what it is today.

Lampros remembers that in the early days of Partners In Business, Vern Buehler, who founded the program, asked for his help in raising some money to support the program.

Jack Lampros

Jack Lampros (Photo by Steve Eaton)

Buehler had already drafted Lampros to serve on the advisory board for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Lampros, who lives in Ogden, said Buehler was a "dynamo" driving the progress of the organization, especially in its early days. When Buehler approached him, Lampros took an interest in Buehler and the Partners In Business program.

"Vern was such an engaging person that I thought, 'Gee this is the type of guy I'd like to get to know better,'" Lampros said.

Lampros said he was happy to help raise money for the program, because he was impressed with what it offered to the community and USU students.

"I worked for First Security Bank in the trust department, and I knew people who had money," he said.

He raised $750,000 for Partners In Business.

Lampros said he also enjoyed the opportunities it gave him to meet some influential people. He met Alan Greenspan, who was chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006; economist Milton Friedman, author Peter Drucker and many other business leaders. He said he even got in a discussion with economist Arthur Laffer.

"I made the mistake of arguing economics with Mr. Laffer, very briefly," Lampros said laughing. "Boy, was I in over my head."

Lampros has never stopped making contributions to higher education and has been recognized by USU, Weber State University and Dixie State College for his support. At Weber State, he received an honorary doctorate, and there is a building, Lampros Hall, named after him. The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business presented him with the Distinguished Service Award in 1982 and the Distinguished Executive Alumnus Award in 1986. His contributions to the Huntsman School of Business have funded scholarships for students in need and supported other endowments.

"My heart really goes out for these young people who graduate from college up to their eyebrows in debt," he said.

In 1987, he became a lifetime member of Partners In Business, a program that still benefits from the money he raised years ago.

Source – The Huntsman Alumni Magazine, Fall 2009

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