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Caine College of the Arts

The Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University is committed to preparing our students to realize their full creative potential as artists and citizens. We cannot do this without the help of our alumni and friends, whose financial contributions provide scholarships to deserving students, attract exceptional faculty, enhance our programs, and provide high quality arts experiences for all USU students and our community.


Gifts to Caine College of the Arts truly change lives for students like Michael Francis.

Michael Francis


Logan, UT


BFA Acting

Graduation year

Spring 2017

Extracurricular activities

Carpentry. Horticulture. Aquatic Biology. Dodgeball…

Favorite Aggie Ice Cream

Cookie Fudge all the way.

Favorite tradition at USU

I am most proud of our initiative to invite new students from diverse places to study in this valley. We have a tradition of creating families here, regardless of where the members come from – I admire my colleagues, and value their friendship.

What Scholarships have done for me

I cannot fully express my gratitude to the donors that support our college for tempering the reality of tuition. Because of their generosity, I have been able to focus on learning the craft without crippling distraction. In truth, every student in our college – every member of our university family – has benefitted from similar donations.

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