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Limitations, we all have them. For me, it’s been living with cerebral palsy, a setback that I thought would keep me from receiving a degree from USU. But years later, after earning a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from USU and a doctorate from Duke, I now know that limitations can be overcome with effort and a strong supporting cast. Our college currently has a major facility limitation and needs your support.

Do you remember your first lab at USU? If like me, you felt a mix of excitement, apprehension, and intrigue. My introductory biology lab was a turning point in my career; the positive interactions with my advisor gave me confidence to continue my degree. Unfortunately, USU’s lab facilities, which were dated when I attended in 2003, are now significantly lacking and overcrowded, curtailing instruction and prompting the need for a new Life Sciences Building.

Introductory labs, like the ones that will be offered in the new Life Sciences Building on the Logan campus, can shape the academic direction for students—they certainly did for me.

The Life Sciences Building will reduce class size, improve instruction through interactive classrooms and labs, and better prepare students for the workforce.

Would you consider making a gift to this important endeavor? Your support will make a difference for thousands of students and quite possibly create an unimaginable opportunity for a student in a situation similar to mine.


Bradley Hinzte, Ph.D.
USU Alumnus, 2009


The Life Sciences Building will relieve critical bottlenecks currently causing frustrating class waiting lists and delaying students’ completion of degrees. Expanded teaching laboratories and research spaces will give students a strong footing toward achieving their academic and professional goals. Your gift is needed to complete this historic project that will serve USU students for years to come.


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