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Senior Gift Fund

The Student Alumni Association in partnership with Dining Services proudly announces the new senior gift fund started by the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021. The Utah State University Classes of 2020 and 2021 have first hand experienced the move to a more virtual campus. This year with many Aggies not attending campus in person, we wanted to change the way typical senior gifts are run. Rather than a physical monument, the classes will provide a scholarship from Aggies, to Aggies. This scholarship will help the senior class give back to the lower classmen who are the "first to.." do anything! The options are endless, but some include the first to go to college, the first business major in their family, and the first to be an Aggie. Once the initial scholarship endowment of $25,000 is funded,  students will receive scholarships to help them continue their education yearly. This scholarship will individually affect many members of the Aggie Family every year. In consecutive years, the seniors will continue to fund and grow the scholarship so that it reaches more students if they do not see a physical item needed at the university. Leave a big impact on our Aggie family by donating today!

Meet the Team:

Mckenna Nobis

Fundraising Director Mckenna

Blake Barber

Student Giving Director Blake

Riley Conover

Service Director Riley

Our Partners:

Dining Services


The Noelle Cockett and Sami Ahmed First To...Scholarship has started!

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Additional Details

  • Your gift will be used only for the above-stated purpose if the required minimum endowment level of $25,000 is met by December 31, 2025. If not met, the gift will be considered expendable towards the stated purpose.
  • The Endowment will exist in perpetuity. If circumstances arise that render the stated purpose of the Endowment (as set forth herein) illegal, impractical, impossible, or wasteful (e.g., a change in law, the elimination of a USU program, position, or course of study, the persistent unavailability of scholarship recipients that meet the criteria, etc.); then, as set forth in this Solicitation, under such circumstances and in keeping with Utah Code 51-8-501(1), USU may designate a new purpose and/or scholarship selection criteria for the Endowment. Any such new purpose shall be defined by USU’s President and Vice President of Academic and Instructional Services.
  • The Endowment shall be deposited and invested by the Board of Trustees of USU, through the USU Investment Advisory Committee in accordance with USU’s investment policy. The USU Foundation is the legal entity designated by USU to receive charitable gifts in support of its academic mission.
  • Distributions from the Endowment shall be governed by USU’s Endowment Spending Policy. The spending policy calls for an annual distribution up to 5% (currently set at 4%) of the value of the endowment account to be expended per the gift agreement. An additional 1.5% of the endowment value shall be used to fund the administration of the endowment and USU advancement efforts. All additional gains shall be retained as appreciation and invested along with the corpus to grow the value of the Endowment over time.
  • By letter dated May 21, 2008, the Internal Revenue Service has declared the USU Foundation (federal tax identification number 87-0627128), to be a duly qualified charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) and also an organization described in sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(iv) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation is a duly chartered active Utah nonprofit corporation, under the provision of Utah Code, Title 16, Chapter 6a.