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Support SNAC: Students Feeding Students

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Support SNAC: Students Feeding Students

The Student Nutrition Access Center is an on-campus food pantry available to students experiencing food insecurity. Research shows that ⅓ of USU students are unable to access sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food. The SNAC pantry provides resources to students who either do not have enough money to buy food, are confined to a strict budget, or were unable to afford healthy options. During the 2018 - 2019 school year, our volunteers recovered 38,000 pounds of food, providing meals for 1,600 students. 

SNAC collaborates with Campus Kitchen, Food Recovery Network, USU Gleaning Team, and the Utah Conservation Corps Urban Community Farm to provide packaged food and produce for students, faculty and spouses of students in need. Our program depends on volunteers to recover food from several locations on and off-campus, sort donations, and operate the pantry.

Proceeds will support all food programs associated with the SNAC pantry in order to create more paid positions for student leaders, educate the community about food insecurity and provide funding for necessary pantry supplies. Please consider donating today.



Meet the Team:

Lauren Gorman
Nelda Ault-Dyslin
James Wirth
Dawson Croxall
McKenna Smith
Erin Lundberg
Sam Fitch
Amria Farnsworth




1,321 visits during May, June, July, and August so far.

Note: This number does not equate to unduplicated students. If we apply the typical ratio of students to visits, the number of unduplicated students would be 682 students.


SNAC saw 475 visits made by 245 unduplicated students



$960 donated by PLC Ambassador friends, Aggie leaders, and Aggie Family members!


Support SNAC: Students Feeding Students has started!

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