Men's Health and Appointment Preparation

Each year, men make 150 million less visits to a doctor's office than women. Unfortunately, this lower number is not because men are healthier than women. The reality is men often do not visit a health care provider when they are sick or have a condition that needs medical attention. Why don’t they go? There could be many reasons; some include:

  • Fear of bad news
  • Discomfort being examined
  • Belief that only “wussies” go to the doctor and that they can “walk it off”
  • Fear of being perceived as weak

While the medical issue may resolve itself without clinical treatment, there is the risk of more severe damage if the condition worsens. A trip to the doctor's office isn't necessary every time you sneeze, but if there is ever a doubt about your well-being, a trip to your health care provider is in order.