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New Webinar Series Designed to Help USU Instructors Teach Remotely

As the future of education continues to change dramatically, faculty are forced to acquire new teaching strategies that allow them to overcome the unique obstacles that arise with distance learning.
- Center for Student Analytics


Utah State University’s Center for Student Analytics has published its analytics look book that explores the health of student ecosystems at the institution. After collaborating with dozens of units across campus to discover data-informed insights about what helps students succeed, the annual publication highlights 20 student success insights in the Student Insights Report.

“While analytics can start a productive conversation, they can never truly finish one,” said Mitchell Colver, director for the Center for Student Analytics. “This booklet hopefully helps our university community to appreciate how using data thoughtfully can shape a great academic and cocurricular experience for students here at USU.” 

The report is organized across five audiences—students, faculty, staff, university leadership, and prospective students. Colver said the annual report is a way of making sure that all stakeholders at USU can use its insights as a touchstone for keeping data-informed conversations going as they continue to work to make USU a premier land-grant institution.

As the world of higher education becomes more acquainted with opportunities for innovation in the digital age, student success analytics increasingly important, particularly in regard for the value and protection of student data.

The booklet begins by stating, “We have discovered that while big data helps us to understand how individual students are performing at our institution, it generally tells us a great deal more about the health of USU as an institution—an Aggie community that works diligently to cultivate opportunities for student learning, discovery and engagement.”

The Student Insights Report was published digitally at the end of September and is available for download at The report is currently among the most downloaded reports in the USU DigitalCommons. Printed copies are being circulated in the university community throughout the month of October.

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