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LOGAN, Utah – Utah State University’s 1010 Connections course saw record enrollment in the 2020 calendar year. Despite format changes to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the university saw a record number of students participate in the course designed to support students in their first year at USU.

“We have a tremendous group of instructors working with our incoming students and mentoring them as they go through their first two semesters,” said Dr. Jennifer Grewe, Connections Program Director and Assistant Professor of Psychology. “Given the impact that faculty can have on new students, we are thrilled that enrollments in this course continue to grow each year.”

 USU’s 1010 Connections course is a two-credit course designed to ease a student’s transition into college life, and helps students understand the purpose of higher education and how they can take advantage of the many opportunities and challenges available to college students. Classes discuss the importance of failure and resilience, and how students can go about developing habits of mind that will help them professionally, civically, and personally throughout their lives.

The Connections class now also provides a year-long mentoring experience so that incoming students can connect with their faculty mentor and remain in contact throughout their first two semesters at USU. This impactful program continues to benefit incoming students well beyond their time in the classroom. 

The Connections course combines in-class learning with out-of-class excursions to become familiar with USU’s campus and community. It is offered in a three-day session pre-semester in the fall, as well as in seven-week versions in both fall and spring semester. Curriculum includes overcoming challenges, time management, planning a degree, inclusion and upstanding, navigating USU, and more.

This past August, students enrolled in the three-day pre-semester course gained experience participating in several delivery methods, including in-person, hybrid, blended, and online learning.  Students also joined in after-class activities held in various locations, including downtown Logan, the Aggie Rec Center and Legacy Fields, as well as other activities across Cache Valley. They also participated in the traditional Connections Luminary. All activities and classes were modified to accommodate physical distance guidelines and all students were required to wear face coverings.

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