USU Course Delivery Options

USU will be delivering courses through several methods this upcoming semester. Choosing the method that will work best for you is the most important thing you can do to set yourself up for success during the upcoming semester. Use the resources below to find and register for the classes with the formats that will help you most succeed academically and learn how to communicate with your professors.

Communicating With Professors

If your instructor has published their Canvas course you can login to preview the course content and syllabus and use the Canvas Inbox feature or the instructors preferred communication method to reach out to your instructor with any questions.

Determine Your Class Format

Setup Canvas Notifications


Face-to-Face (F2F) or IVC

You will attend courses in an on-campus classroom, with IVC courses connecting to classrooms from other campuses.

Hybrid F2F

You will attend courses in-person or remotely via Zoom. Your professor will let you know your options for participating in the course.

Web Broadcast

You will attend courses at a designated time via Zoom.


You will complete your courses online through Canvas.

  F2F or IVC (including Blended1options) Hybrid F2F Web Broadcast (including Blended1options) Online
In-Classroom Yes Depends on Instructor No No
Canvas Courses Content Depends on Instructor2 Depends on Instructor Depends on Instructor Yes
Scheduled Class Time Yes Yes Yes No (Flexible!)
Webcam, Microphone, Audio Required Depends on Instructor Yes3 Yes Depends on Instructor
Computer and Internet Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
1. Some professors will use a blend of the listed course delivery options. For specific information about your courses, please contact your professor. Participation should be between 21% - 79% online (limited or no live interactions) with the remainder being scheduled (live interactions).
2. Some courses may not require Canvas Course Content. Your professors will determine the actual requirements for your courses.
3. This is only required if you participate via Zoom. See footnote 2.

Section Codes:

Banner INSM Code Banner Description Section Code State Wide
1st digit = Campus Code
Logan Main
P Face to Face *T# ###
BI Blended Face-to-Face *T# ###
HF Hybrid Face-to-Face  *H# MH#
R Interactive Broadcast *B# MB#
BB Blended Interactive Broadcast *B# MB#
I Online *O# MO#
W Web Broadcast *W# MW#
BW Blended Web Broadcast *W# MW#
P Supervised *S# ###

See Section Code Definitions for more details.