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Classmate Connection

Classmate Connection is a service Utah State University provides to help you connect with USU alumni and friends. Please read the policies and procedures before continuing. Please call (435) 797-3582 with any questions.

Policies and Procedures

For the privacy of our alumni and friends, USU is unable to give out contact information to outside parties. However, we can contact the alumni by mail or email for you and share your contact information along with any notes or letters you want us to forward to them.

The letter simply states that you are looking for them, that you have given USU permission to share your contact information with them, and that they can contact you if they wish. It then lists your contact information and any comments you would like to include in the letter.

In most cases we can locate this person for you. In some cases we may find that they are deceased or we may not have current contact information for them. In either case, we will let you know.