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Aggie Travel European Cruise on the Danube, 2022

Aggie Travel Testimonials

Hocherfreut!! (thrilled)
The only word of emotion that could describe how we felt, winging our way to JFK airport after our Aggie Adventure! We were “newbies”, this being the first of any kind of cruise we’d done. But we chose a great one, joining a coterie of USU alumni on this luxury boat ride up the Danube River. After seven days of luxurious dining, captivating sight-seeing of European destinations, shipboard entertainment, enchanting scenery, relaxation and making new friends on the AMASonata, we boarded buses for the land tour of Bavaria and remained five more days in a state of awe.

Überwältigt!! (overwhelmed)

Our journey culminated at the Passion Play of Oberammergau, where every ten years the community renews its devotion... and keeps The Plague at bay. For some, this 43rd offering (since 1633) was a pilgrimage; for us it was spell-binding, astonished as we were by the music and the dramatization.

Nachgluhen!! (afterglow)

Even now, these few weeks after our return, we relish the memory of our Aggie Adventure with travel of the Danube and Bavaria. We regularly recall a moment with each other and all over again feel the magical journey, the sights and sounds and people of that singular experience. We are eager to see what the next quest we might join in on, as offered by the Aggie Adventure program. Truly a remarkable opportunity!

- Tom and LeAnn Stoddard BS ’80, MS ’81
  Wilmington, North Carolina