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Purpose: The purpose of the Student Giving Executive is to enhance the culture of giving at Utah State by helping students create a memorable legacy, understand the crucial role they play in the future of USU, and contribute as proud Aggie alumni.

Why Should I Give?

  • Your experience at USU has had an impact on your life and you want others to have the same opportunity.
  • You want to make a difference at USU by supporting the programs you are passionate about.
  • You want to leave a legacy that inspires future Aggies.
  • Giving makes you happier.

Whatever the reason, giving is your chance to have a positive influence on things you care about. Giving has already had an impact on your experience at USU. Tuition only covers 19.8% of the University's operating revenue. Donors who invest in students like you help cover the difference.


Tony Ahlstrom

Student Giving Executive


Liz Drake

Service and Education Director

Position Details


Blake Barber

Fundraising Director

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