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Alumni Recognitions & Awards

The Utah State University Alumni Association sponsors many awards of recognition and appreciation. Below please find a list of awards, descriptions of award criteria, and a list of recent recipients.

To nominate someone for an Alumni Association Award, please review the award criteria to make your submission.

Alumni Hall of Honor

The Alumni Hall of Honor recognizes alumni and friends of USU for their unselfish devotion and service to USU and the USU Alumni Association. A maximum of four awards will be presented annually. Nominees may be graduates, former students, or friends of Utah State University. Officers and directors of the USU Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for selection until two years after they leave the board. Previous recipients of the Distinguished Service Award or Distinguished Alumni Award are not eligible. Persons actively employed by USU, members of the USU Board of Regents, or persons active in positions directly relating to University operations, such as state officials, state legislators, and members of the Utah State Regents for Higher Education are not eligible. Nominate someone for this award.

Aggie Family Legacy Award

This award is presented annually (usually in December) to a family that has exemplified years of involvement and commitment to the university through service, financial giving, or multi-generational attendance at USU. The inaugural year of the award was 2008 when the family of J.A. “Pop” & Lucy Watts of Cache Valley, UT was honored.  In 2009, the family of Willard Duane and Rae Cranney of Oakley, ID were the honorees. USU invites the descendents of these honorees to this event where attendance has numbered from 100-250.  The families are thrilled to have their relatives acknowledged and honored, and the USU Alumni Association is pleased to welcome them back to campus. Nominate a family for this award.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest award presented annually by the USU Alumni Association and is given to individuals who have, throughout their lives, best utilized their knowledge, initiative, and individuality in public service to the University, the public, or their profession. This award is presented on Founders Day. Nominate someone for this award.

Alumni Merit Citation

Recipients are recognized for excellence in their own field or for a specific achievement, contribution, or service to one's own community, state, nation, or church. Significant personal achievement is also recognized. This award can be awarded at events outside of Logan. Nominate someone for this award.

Alumni of the Year

WhitworthsThis award is presented to the individual alumna or alumnus of USU who, in the past year, has demonstrated outstanding traits of leadership and character to such an extent that it has brought great credit to the recipient and to the alma mater. This award is presented during Homecoming. Nominate someone for this award.

(Photo: Clark & Jennifer Whitworth; 2015 Winners)

Grand Marshal

PetersonsThis individual is designated to lead the annual USU Homecoming Parade. The person selected is honored at the Homecoming banquet, the dignitaries' breakfast, and the Homecoming football game. Nominate someone for this award.

(Photo: Ross & Kay Peterson; 2015 Winners)

Young Alumni of the Year

Brady_And_AndreaThis award recognizes a graduate or attendee of USU for his or her accomplishments which have brought honor to the university. The nominee must have graduated or attended USU within the past 20 years. The recognized accomplishments may be achieved through the nominee's career, service, or volunteer efforts. This award is presented at Homecoming. Nominate someone for this award.

(Photo: Brady & Andrea Murray; 2015 Winners)

Past Recipients

David & Trisha Butterfield
Mike & Juanita Kohler
Spencer & Melanie Raymond
Chris & Kiersten Wilson

Ralph & Jane Binns
Leah Christensen
M.K. & Ellen Rae Jeppesen
Paul & Rebecca Parkinson

Brett & Scott Bills
Larry & Linda Crandall
Merlynn Pitcher

Willie Duersch
Al Lewis
Shelly Anderson Neilson
Justin Hamilton

Sydnee Madsen
Dennis & Lynn Sessions
Randy & Kathie Watts

Dee Jones
Jim Sorenson
Dave & Kris Stanger
Sharon & Bill Larkin

Karen & Lee Lantz
Jack & Charlotte Nixon
Max & Karen Peterson
Carlos & Annette Smith

Dale W. Adams
Herb & Helen Champ
Wayne Rich & Elliot Rich
Neil Whitaker

Marsha Carter
Dawn Craner
Dave & Barbara Kragthorpe
Ross & Kay Peterson

Dean & Joyce Adams
Lyn "Swede" Larson
John Lemperle
Paul Workman

Jean Kobayashi
Tom Moulton
Grant Vest
Dave & Marilyn Watts

Mark Dennis
Carl & Mary Sue Lundahl
Barry Moore
Cathy Van Skyhawk

Roseann & Alan Croshaw
Elaine & Mel Melcomian
David & Suzanne Moore

Gaylen Ashcroft
Dave Champlin
Eldon Drake
Jane Johnson

Dave Jeppesen
Bernice McCowin
Stan & Judith Meyrick
Catherine Montgomery

Richard Roberts
Alan Parish
Mike Hamby
Gordon Snow

Kevin & Cecy Burtenshaw
Wayne Robins
Al Koch
Carol Harmer

2008 - The Watts Family

2009 - The Cranney Family

2010 - The Sorensen Family

Don Wang & Tony Kinninger
Kent & Donna Alder
Thelma Faylor Allison
LaDell Andersen
Kenneth G Anderton
Dr. Oral L. Ballam
Terrell H Bell
Jay Rulon Bingham
Dr. Vern Bingham & Emma Rae Eyre
Jay Call
Hung Wo Ching
Ned P Clyde
Harold Dance
Charlie Denson
Katie L. Dixon
Cecelia H. Foxley

Dr. Marlowe Goble
James R. Gray
Elder David Bruce Haight
Dell Loy & Lynnette Thorne Hansen
Allan Humphreys
Kaye T. Jorgensen
Dr. Rolfe Kerr
Lorna Kesterson
David S. Kragthorpe
Colonel Joe Lacey
Jim Laub
Dick Motta
Robert B. Murray
Merlin J. Olsen
Dr. John E. Osguthorpe

Elder Boyd K. Packer
Elder L Tom Perry
Lowell S. Peterson
Melanie P. Raymond
Colonel Doyle Rees
Miles C Romney
Dr. Gerald R. Sherratt
Lonnie & Cheryl Smith
Alma B. Sonne, Jr.
Wesley D Soulier
Robert D. Welti
Dolores G. Wheeler
Leah Mouritsen Wright
William M Zarback

Mark & Jennifer Erickson
Joey Blanche (Ms.)
Douglas D. Anderson
Corey Christiansen

Mark K. Holland
Jason C. Lindsey
VoiceMale (Mike Bearden, John Huff, Phil Kesler, John Luthy, Richard McAllister, & Michael Willson)
Charisse Bremond Weaver

Tamara E. Mumford
Cody & Liz Bingham
Steve & Rachel von Niedershausern

Gary & Karen Black
Rudy Max Castruita
Max F Dalby
LaVell Edwards
Senator Lyle W Hillyard
Joy Nelson Hulme
Ron W. Jibson
Phil D Johnson

Dr. Rolfe Kerr
Ralph B Maughan
Dr. John Clark Nelson
Deanna Okun
David George Sant
Gerald R Sherratt
Jay Silvester
Paul & Sylvia Jones

Scott D. Fuhriman
Nate & Laurel Cannon Alder

1969-1970 USU Basketball Teams
1960-1961 USU Football Teams
Tony L Adams
Douglas H Archibald
Haven J. Barlow
Dr. Vernon Maughan Buehler
Reed Bullen, Sr
Dr. Stanford & Shirley Cazier
Jennie J Christensen
Jean Daines
Eric Hipple
Dr. Rolfe Kerr
David & Barbara Kragthorpe
Sidney Lane

MacArthur Lane
Swede Larson
Ralph B Maughan
Gunn McKay
Dale Mildenberger
Clark Miller
Phillip V Olsen
Leah Parkinson
Robert Peterson
Jed H Pitcher
Melanie P Raymond
Leonard Emil Rohde
Clover J Sanders
Ted F Seeholzer
Dr Evan Noel Stevenson

George H Sunada
Rod Tueller
Clara Turner
Robert D Welti
Calvin R Watts
Dolores G Wheeler
Dr John C Worley, Jr
Kevin D. Curtis
Dave & Barbara Kragthorpe
Dale Mildenberger