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Individual Assistance

Students have many choices for how they can obtain academic assistance through the Center. They are able to register for classes and use self-help resources such as the Idea Sheets. However, the professional staff also work with students one-on-one. Individual assistance can be appropriate for students who:

  • are unable to attend Psy 1730 Strategies for Academic Success.
  • need help for specific learning needs in one or more of their college classes.
  • want additional instruction to build on skills they learned in Psy 1730, Psy 1750, or USU 1010 University Connections.
  • Individual assistance is provided through scheduled individual appointments with learning specialists and one credit study strategies modules.

Individual Appointments

Students can schedule an appointment for individual assistance by coming to the Taggart Student Center, Room 305 or calling (435) 797-1128. A trained peer advisor will conduct an intake interview with the student to determine his/her academic concerns and difficulties. The peer advisor will administer a study skills assessment, provide information regarding additional campus services, and provide guidance for selected study skills strategies. The student will then be referred to an ARC learning specialist for instruction in learning strategies that are appropriate for the course(s) in which the student is having difficulty. Students may schedule additional appointments for ongoing assistance.

Learning Skills Modules (1 credit each)

Students can improve their learning strategies through independent study with one or more of the one credit Psy 1730 modules. An ARC learning specialist will work with the student to register them for the appropriate modules and revew completed assignments. Modules are available on Test Preparation, Test Taking Strategies, Note taking and Listening, and Active Reading Strategies.