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Student Employment

Students with the necessary academic credentials are hired to work as peer tutors, SI leaders, and peer mentors for the academic support programs directed by the Center. The staff, therefore, is continuously involved in training these student employees to become accomplished facilitators of active, independent learning. Training activities are also conducted with teaching assistants and faculty for specific classes and programs.

Academic Tutors

Students who provide tutoring services for Academic Success Programs are required to register for a two credit tutor training class, USU 2160, during their first semester of work. Successful completion of USU 2160 results in Level II-Advanced Tutor certification by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Students who are hired as academic tutors in other academic departments can also register for the class. This certification is recognized by many colleges and universities and can result in priority hiring and increased pay as a tutor.

Tutor certification requires:

  • completing USU 2160 and all associated course work
  • conducting 50 hours of tutoring during the semester in which the the student takes the class, and
  • being observed and evaluated twice during the semester.

Math and Statistics Tutors

Math and Stats Tutoring Website

Math and stats tutors typically represent majors in Math, Math/Stats Education, Statistics, or Engineering. While tutors must demonstrate subject competence, a decision to hire a tutor is heavily weighted on his/her demonstrated genuine enthusiasm to help students learn math and a sincere desire to develop effective tutoring strategies.

All tutors who work for the Drop-in Math and Statistics program meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Currently enrolled at Utah State University as students in good standing
  • Completed through Math 2250 (or 2270/2280) and/or through Stats 3000 with a course grade of B+ or higher
  • Earned a cumulative gpa of 3.2 or higher
  • Demonstrated effective oral communication and interpersonal skills
  • Required to complete USU 2160 (one credit tutor training course) during the first semester of tutoring. Completion of training results in Level II Advanced International Tutoring Program Certification through the College Reading and Learning Association.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

SI sessions are facilitated by students who have taken the course and demonstrated proficiency with the course content. Applicants are approved by the course instructor and are subsequently trained to use a variety of active learning strategies and techniques to encourage students to actively participate in the learning process. SI leaders also model and teach effective study strategies that a student can apply to any class.

The minimum criteria to apply for any SI leader position includes:

  • Earned an A or A- in the class for which you want to be an SI leader.
  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Attend mandatory weekly training 3:00-4:15 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday for the first 3 weeks of the semester and each Thursday thereafter.
  • Conduct two out-of-class review sessions each week after 4:30 p.m.

The SI Leader Training Program has earned Level I International Tutor Program Certification (ITPC) through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). SI leaders who complete two semesters of training will earn this certification, which can be included on resumes and graduate and professional school applications.

For each semester they are employed, SI leaders are required to attend bi–weekly training to improve their knowledge of learning theory and practice and to improve their skills with active teaching strategies and presentation skills. Students are paid for time spent in training.

Job Descriptions

How to Apply

Positions are posted online each semester with Career Aggie and through email advertisements sent to academic advisors. Students are also welcome to contact Academic Success Programs directly in University Inn 101 or (435) 797-1128 for more information.