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Practice What You Have Learned

Apply what you have learned about managing test anxiety by responding to the following scenario¹:

As Brian begins his final exam in English, he thinks,
“I have to do well on this test to keep my ‘B’ average.”
As he scans the first essay question on Rappaccini's Daughter, he realizes that he only vaguely remembers reading it. All that Brian can remember is that it is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. He begins to think:
“There's no way I can answer this question and it's worth 25 points! I'll flunk the test if I can't answer this question!”
Brian feels himself starting to panic; his mind goes blank; he can't focus or recall anything he's studied.

test stress

1. What caused Brian's anxiety?


Technique #1: Challenge your self–defeating thoughts

2. T | F Brian's thought are self-defeating.


3. Choose two test anxiety management techniques that you would advise Brian to use in this situation.

Review Techniques