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Helping students develop competence in their academic subjects is the primary focus of the tutoring services provided by the Center. Tutoring assistance is provided in three ways:

Aggie Math Learning Center

Free drop–in tutoring during Tutoring Center Hours.

The Aggie Math Learning Center is located newly relocated to the Animal Science Building.  There is also mathematics drop-in tutoring in the Depot in the basement of the Junction.

Click for current tutoring schedule

Online Self Study

Excellent math tutorial videos are available online at KhanAcademy, covering topics from pre-algebra through linear algebra. Each 10-minute video covers a specific topic with clear explanations of concepts and example problems worked step-by-step.

Tutoring Directory

This index lists free tutoring resources.

Online Tutoring

As a service to USU students in online classes, USU Academic and Instructional Services provides free online tutoring available to USU students through the Western eTutoring Consortium. Subjects in which students can receive online tutoring include: Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering (Circuits & Digital Systems only), Math, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Web Development and Writing.

Statewide Campuses Tutoring

Statewide Campuses students can receive face-to-face or online tutoring by visiting this page.

Tutor Matching Service

The USU Tutor Matching Service (formerly a different website as Tutor Advertiser) is a web based service that allows students to seek tutors and list themselves as tutors. 

Find a Tutor

If seeking a tutor simply go to the Tutor Matching Service webpage listed above and conduct a search for desired type of tutors.

Tutors listed here are private tutors, and are not endorsed by USU, but their academic records have been reviewed by the USU ASP staff to ensure they have studied and successfully passed the content they are tutoring.  These tutors generally charge a fee for their services.

Be a Tutor

To list on the Tutor Matching Service, a student must:

  • Maintain a 3.2 Cumulative GPA
  • At least a B+ in any course they are tutoring

ASP will screen postings for appropriateness and accuracy. Courses will be verified via USU transcript. For specific instructions go to the Tutor Matching Service Overview page.

Potential tutors must list the courses they wish to tutor by course name and number (BIO 1210 or MATH 1050).

A complete list of course numbers is available in the USU General Catalog