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The (F)orest (I)nsect and (D)isease (T)ally system is an easy to use program for analyzing insect and disease population information taken during stand surveys. Incidence of insects, pathogens, and other biotic and abiotic influences on forest ecosystems are summarized using traditional mensurational measurements. Information is summarized by diameter class, tree species, influencing agent, and for the entire stand. Several insect and disease susceptibility rating systems are also included. FINDIT version 1.2 runs within the Windows platform. To download the program, click below to copy a self-extracting setup file (fsetup.exe) to your computer. Once on your computer, run this exe file to install the program. FINDIT will be installed as a Windows program accessible through the START menu.

Bentz, B.J. 2000. Forest Insect and Disease Tally System (FINDIT) User Manual. USDA, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-49.


Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program

Rocky Mountain Research Station and the USDA Forest Service, Logan Utah 84321

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