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The Weinstein Lab at Utah State University is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow (Postdoctoral Fellow I) to assist in developing and conducting research on the structure and stability of parasite associated microbial communities in mammalian hosts. The lab integrates experimental model systems, field work and molecular approaches to examine the complex interactions between vertebrates, symbionts and their environment. In addition to working in close collaboration with Dr. Weinstein and current lab members, the Postdoctoral Fellow will also be encouraged to develop independent research and outreach projects within the scope of the lab.

The Weinstein Lab is a collaborative and interdisciplinary group. We aim to create a diverse and welcoming environment that supports creative and curiosity-driven science while promoting the professional, scientific and personal growth of every lab member. For more information, please visit the lab website at

Find out more and/or apply here: USU HR - Weinstein Lab Postdoctoral Fellow