Brand Standards: MyUSU


The following structure and outline have been developed to ensure the function and organization of MyUSU.

The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs administers the MyUSU portal supported by the USU Information Technology department.

Student Affairs Marketing and Portal Administrator

As the portal administrator, the Student Affairs Marketing and Communications Director manages the functionality, user experience, community features, and click-through access to services and web-based applications.

Other roles and responsibilities include:

  • Training and supporting the MyUSU Path, Group, and Page Admins.
  • Creating new groups, pages, and tools.
  • Overseeing the MyUSU roadmap and implementing widgets and other MyUSU features.

MyUSU Pathify Admins

MyUSU Pathify Admins support the MyUSU Portal Admin as well as accomplish and oversee technical areas such as users, roles, and object permissions.

Group and Page Admins


USU departments and programs that qualify for a group within My USU include: 

  • USU All
  • Campuses and Centers
  • USU Online
  • Student Services
  • Academic Colleges, Programs, and Departments
  • Involvment Organizations, Clubs and Programs

Group Admins: Accountable for the content and status of the group

  • Moderate Communication and Discussion
  • Group Information
  • Group Settings
  • Group Members and Group Admins
  • Features, Access, & Permission Levels
  • Creating and Moderating Events
  • Adding Resources

USU departments and programs that qualify for a page within My USU include: 

  • Academic Services 
  • Wellness Services
  • General USU Departments, Services, and Information 

Page Admins: Accountable for the content and status of the page

  • Manage and Update Content
  • Page Content
  • Page Settings
  • Page Information
  • Page Category
  • Page Visibility
  • Labels

Requesting Groups, Pages, and Tools

MyUSU is continually evolving and growing to fit the needs of the USU community.

USU community members interested in administering a group or in need of a page or tool are encouraged to request the creation of a group, page, or tool through this online form:

The form is meant to be fill out by staff and faculty members rather than students. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor, faculty, or staff member to request a MyUSU feature for a club, program, major, or organization.

Upon completion of this form, we will be in contact with both the initiator and administrator via email to coordinate and process your request.