Toolkit: Area of Isolation Generator


Mark area of isolation is an integral part of the university brand standards. University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing has worked with the Service Now team to create the Area of Isolation Generator tool. The area of isolation is required to prevent confusion and competition with the university marks.

This tool, automatically generates department, program, office, and consolidated marks for you with the proper area of isolaiton between the mark and the additinal text.

Fonts and available color options have been added to the tool. 

Important Notice about Area of Isolation Generator

Files provided are not to be used on university stationary goods. The marks generated by the Area of Isolaiton generator are not available in the official logo library. Formal wordmarks and logos (marks) can only be created by University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing. If you need access to a logo or folder that you do not currently have access to, contact New logo requests should be made via the logo request form in Service Now. Only college, administrative units (Vice President and above), statewide locations, and sub-brands will be issued official logo suites.


Area of Isolation Generator

Access the Area of Isolaiton Generator via Service Now by searching Area of Isolation Generator.