Toolkit: Templates

How to create USU Branded QR Codes

To Create

Use QR Code Monkey.

Enter Content

Enter URL into the Your URL line. Make sure the URL includes https:// or it won't work.

Set Colors

You have the option to use either single colors or color gradient.

Acceptable Colors: Aggie Blue (Pantone 539), Electric Blue (Pantone 638), and Black

Please do not use other colors and use these specified color guidelines for QR codes. They help our QR codes look and feel like USU.UMAC recommends using the gradient version, but individuals have the option to select a single color.

Select Color Gradient.

For the gradient, use Aggie Blue and Electric Blue from the USU color palette. Color Gradient Versions:

  • Aggie Blue: #0F2439
  • Electric Blue: #01ADD8

Select Single Color

For Single Color Versions, select one of three options.

  • Black: Select #000000. Set background color to White: #FFFFFF
  • Aggie Blue: Select #0F2439. Set background color to White: #FFFFFF
  • White: Select #FFFFFF. Set background color to Aggie Blue #0F2439 or a color is dark enough to create contrast between the back- and foreground.

Add Logo Image

  1. Upload Logo Image. Upload a U State or Block 'A' graphic (about 375 X 375 px). It will appear in the middle of the QR code. See Attachments below for pre-sized U State and Block 'A'. They include a proper area of isolation. They are also located in the USU Logo Library on Box.
  2. Check mark the box by Remove Background Behind Logo.

Customize Design

  • Select QR code Body Shape. Rounded corner design.
    QR Example for body shape with rounded corners
  • Select Eye Frame Shape. Square with rounded corners.
    QR Example for eye frame shape with rounded corners
  • Select Eye Ball Shape. Square with rounded corners.
    QR Example for eye ball shape with rounded corners
  • Move circle marker toward "High Quality" underneath the QR code. Higher the resolution the better.
  • Select the "Create QR Code" button.
  • Click on "Download QR Code". Download the SVG or PNG file. Both files are fine to be used in design.

QR Code Final Results

Any of these QR codes are acceptable.

Color Gradient Version (Most Preferred Version)

QR Example for color gradient
  • Aggie Blue: #0F2439
  • Electric Blue: #01ADD8

Aggie Blue Version

QR Example for aggie blue
  • Aggie Blue: #0F2439

Black Version

QR Example for black
  • Black: #000000

White Version

QR Example for white
  • White: #FFFFFFF
  • Aggie Blue: #0F2439