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Calendar FAQ

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What sorts of events are appropriate for the University Events Calendar?

Events in the University's Web Calendar should be university events ONLY. With rare exception, these are events that take place at a campus location or, if off campus, are events directly sponsored by a campus entity.

The University's Web Calendar of Events is intended for university events that are:

  • open to the general public; or
  • open to interested members of the university community such as students, faculty, alumni or staff
  • sponsored by an officially recognized campus department or unit; a recognized or sponsored student group; student government unit; or a sponsored departmental or campus organization.

Events open only to an invited audience are not appropriate for the University Events Calendar.
Office hours, course schedule or sign up timeframe are not appropriate for the calendar as they are not ongoing events. Registration deadlines can only apply to the first day of registration and the last date of registration. Please send one event for each day.
Campus sales are limited to student organizations and fundraising events.

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What are my responsibilities when I post an event?

Although you are submitting the event, you must provide the name, telephone, and email of the group, office, or department that is sponsoring the event. If you are the person sponsoring the event, provide your contact information. If the audience that reads the calendar needs someone to contact, they will be looking for contact information.
This is why all Web postings of events must include a name, an email address and a telephone number that is answered by someone prepared to handle such inquiries. The contact information is also required for the calendar administrator to validate events posted by unregistered posters.

Make sure you use the entire form input correctly. Room number, url, admission information and fee have their own input in the form, there is no need to have this information in the description or the title.

If you have a manager account, and if your event is canceled, we ask that instead of deleting it, you EDIT it as follows: "CANCELED - event name." If you are an unregistered user, please contact the calendar administrator to edit your event.

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What are manager's accounts?

Manager's account are available for some units and offices. If you have any questions, please contact the calendar administrator.

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What are the fields category, location, sponsor, sub-sponsor?

These fields create groups of events. They are used to narrow the results so that people can search for only the events that particularly interest them. Please categorize every event that you submit.

The "category" field must be filled and don't use "other" as a choice. The categories provided should meet the needs of all groups on campus, and narrow event to those we think are appropriate on the University Events Calendar. However, if you feel that an important choice is missing from these categories, contact the calendar administrator.

"Sponsors and sub-sponsors" list the main campus entities. If a sponsor isn't listed, you can use "Other." To access the sub-sponsor list, first choose a sponsor and the sub-sponsor list will contain all available sub-sponsors. You cannot choose multiple sponsors. If you need to, select "multiple sponsor" in the sponsor list, and specify who they are in the description. If you think a sponsor is missing, contact the administrator.

The "location" list provides all the main locations on campus.

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My event is a one day event, what should I do?

In this case, there is no recurrence. Enter the SAME date in "startDate" and "endDate" and leave the recurrence selection on "No recurrence."

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My event is ongoing or recurring. What do I enter in the "StartDate, EndDate," and "Recurring" form?

If your event is ongoing or recurring, make sure the "endDate" is later than the "startDate," then select a type of recurrence (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Daily recurrence: For example, if your event recurs every day for 3 days, choose "Daily" and choose every "Day."
IMPORTANT: Daily recurrence doesn't allow more than 7 days of recurrence. If your event recurs daily for more than 7 days, you should choose "Weekly" recurrence.

Weekly recurrence: Choose "Weekly" recurrence if your event recurs on certain days of the week for one or more weeks. For example, if your event recurs for five weeks every Tuesday, setup your "startDate" and "endDate" for these five weeks, choose "weekly" recurrence and check "Tuesday."
IMPORTANT: Weekly recurrence doesn't allow a timeframe greater than 6 months (a semester).

Monthly recurrence: Choose "Monthly" if your event recurs once a month or on certain days of the month. For example, if your event recurs every 15th of the month, every two months, select "Monthly" recurrence, select every "two months" and select which day it recurs.
IMPORTANT: "Monthly" recurrence doesn't allow a timeframe greater than a year.

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What is the "Open to" form input?

This is a required option. This allows you to select different groups or audiences on campus such as "Students", "Faculty", "Staff", "Alumni", or "Public". Please check all if all that can attend to the event.

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How do I edit my event?

You cannot edit or delete events at this time. If you would like to update or delete an event, please Contact the calendar administrator.

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