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Strengthening Our Influence as Women: Confidence, Competence, and Leadership


This workshop is designed to help women learn how to strengthen their influence by learning more about confidence, the differences in confidence between men and women, and what we can do to strengthen it. Based on interviews conducted with top women leaders around the world, Dr. Madsen will also mention some of the challenges women face in becoming leaders and how they have navigated through them to become successful. She will also share research on imposter syndrome, women’s negative interactions with each other, and why more Utah women need to step into leadership roles. Applications to women at work in any setting and as entrepreneurs, employees, and emerging and current leaders will be threaded throughout the workshop. Registration & More Information.

8/14 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

The Gender Wage Gap: Digging Deep into Understanding The Complexity

Panel Discussion/Presentation

The Utah Women & Leadership Project at Utah State University invites you to join us for our first Women’s Leadership Forum of the academic year. It is a panel discussion focused on understanding the wage gap issues in Utah. The gender wage gap is a persistent concern in the United States, where women make about 82% of what men make for comparable work. And the numbers in Utah are more extreme, where a woman earns approximately 71 cents for each dollar a man earns. In fact, year after year, Utah is consistently near the bottom of national rankings in terms of gender pay equity. Although the existence of the wage gap is indisputable, many try to discount it or attribute the entire gap to “women’s choices.”

In reality, the wage gap is deeply complicated, with dozens of contributing factors, including educational attainment, recruiting practices, negotiation success, hours worked, occupational segregation, and unpaid care work, not to mention unconscious bias and plain-old sexism. Our panel of experts will discuss some of the most important contributing factors, dig deeper into how the gap varies by race and other demographics, and evaluate major efforts to reduce the wage gap.

8/18 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Getting It Together: Body, Mind, and Spirit Self-Care in Tough Times


We are living in a remarkable time. The pandemic has shaken people throughout the world, disrupting familiar routines and practices and creating chaos to one degree or another in our lives. Whether you have been working from home or lost employment, found your work environment or family gatherings altered by social distancing, become your children’s/grandchildren’s school-at-home teacher, been overwhelmed by the daily reporting of statistics, or become sick or cared for someone who has become sick, daily life now offers significant added challenges and worries. While we soldier on trying to adjust to the “new now,” it is important that we practice good self-care to manage the impact of the stressors on our bodies, minds, and spirits. This workshop will engage participants in ways to live in the present moment, be open to a variety of perspectives, develop awareness of one’s breath, experience the practice of the “beginner’s mind,” discover ways to find and release tension in the body, and explore their own embodiment as a way to confirm wholeness and well-being. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and be prepared to nurture your whole self!

9/11 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info

Huntsman Leadership Council


Club leaders within the business school will come together to discuss events for the semester. This meeting will cover club logistics, such as marketing guidelines, website hygiene, etc. Club leaders will be made aware of the resources available through the Dean's Office.

9/15 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Huntsman Hall | More Info

Exploring the Intersectionality of Race & Gender

Panel Discussion/Presentation

Although 2020 will be known as the year of the global pandemic, it will also be recognized for years to come as the year of a dramatic shift in the discussion of race in America. This equality dialogue also builds on the ongoing discussion of women’s equity propelled by #MeToo movement in 2015. The Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements have placed a spotlight on enduring racial and gender inequalities in the U.S. Both movements were launched by Black women who continue to call attention to the intersections between race and gender in shaping opportunity and justice in America. The purpose of this panel discussion is to explore these issues in the U.S. and Utah. Join us as we examine the lived experiences of women and girls of color and how they navigate politics, the workplace, education, and mental health services. The panel will also examine the roles of power and identity and how they contribute to the experience of marginalization and oppression for many women. Finally, we will turn to how we can all challenge race and gender norms, break stereotypes, empower each other, and learn to celebrate our similarities and differences. In addition, we will discuss how all of us can take action in ways that will respect and benefit everyone.

9/18 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | Online/Virtual | More Info




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