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Campus Safety

Utah State takes the safety of our campus community seriously. We recognize that threats exist both on and off campus, and this webpage provides information and resources to help you deal with a variety of safety issues and campus emergencies.


Code Blue Alert

If an emergency occurs, we will notify the campus community through USU’s CODE BLUE Alert system. You can receive an email, voicemail, text message, campus digital signage and through the university homepage. Emergencies could include severe weather, hazardous materials spills that affect a large part of campus or if a person is threatening others on campus with a weapon. Update your contact information in CODE BLUE to get alerts quickly.

Sexual Assault and Harassment

Sexual Assault and Harassment

USU is committed to providing an educational environment free of sexual violence and harassment. We provide resources for safety, counseling and victim advocacy. Victims of sexual misconduct are encouraged to report their experience to the USU Title IX office in order to receive support services and prevent future incidents from occurring.

USU Police

Campus Police

USU Police provides emergency services for dead batteries and lock-outs. They offer 24-hour dispatch and a personal escort on campus if you are feeling unsafe. Contact USU Police to report crimes or suspicious activity on the Logan campus.

Armed Aggressor Response

Active Shooter training

When faced with an armed aggressor situation, there are three simple words you should remember: run, hide, fight. The option you choose will depend upon where you are and your proximity to the attacker. Learn how you can be prepared if this happens at USU.

Mental Health Services for Students

Counseling services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free confidential mental health services to students on the Logan campus. Services include consultation, workshops, groups, individual and couples counseling, as well as crisis/emergency interventions. Other services provided are psychoeducational assessments and outreach.

Student Health Services

Student Health and Wellness Center

Student Health Services offers regular check-ups, health screenings, medical services, nutrition consultations and classes and personal wellness education.

Recreation Safety

Recreation Safety

Recreation provides and important way to stay healthy—physically, mentally and emotionally. As you recreate on campus or in the community and canyons, make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and do your part to keep yourself and those around you safe.