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USU Golden Spike Lecture Series

Dates: 1/10/19 7:00 PM - 5/2/19 9:00 PM


2019 - Lectures revolving around the 150th Golden Spike Anniversary

  • January 10 - A Historical Snapshot of the US/Utah in the 1860’s-Marko DeMonja, Box Elder High History teacher, retired.
  • February 7 - Laying the Groundwork for the Transcontinental Railroad-John Barton, USU Uinta Basin History Lecturer
  • March 7 - Building the Rails part 1-Engineering and Construction- Daren Dance, Retired engineer and Golden Spike volunteer
  • April 11 - Building the Rails part 2-The people-key players-Dr. Kathryn L. MacKay, History Professor, Weber State University
  • May 2 - Why Promontory?  The joining of the rails and what it meant for America-Dr. F. Ross Peterson, USU History Professor retired.