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Future Moab Campus

For 45 years, Utah State University-Moab has worked to identify and meet the community's educational needs and provide meaningful educational opportunities for local citizens. To continue this mission, USU recently made the decision to expand operations in Moab by establishing a new regional campus. The 40-acre site will be tucked up against stunning red rock outcrops of Moab Rim with a commanding view in each direction.

At the heart of the Master Plan for the USU-Moab campus is creating an education facility that embodies a strong sense of place - integrated with the landscape aesthetically and functionally, being intrinsically a textbook in itself to the student body.

Help Build USU-Moab

A new USU-Moab campus represents an important opportunity to help higher education thrive. It will improve the community in a way that will enhance long-term employment opportunities, diversify and grow the economy and provide young people with an expanded vision of what the future could hold for them.

In addition to donating $1,000 to the future new campus EDA Architects has created a sustainable design for the first building. The design blends with the surroundings and reflects Moab’s unique setting.

Support from the local community is the key to growth of USU-Moab. Without generous donations from our community members and city, it would not be possible to provide access to higher education. Become a part of USU-Moab and give a gift that will create a variety of local learning opportunities for those living in the area.