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Team Resource Page

The documents below are important for teams to use throughout the year, and contain general knowledge about the Club Sports program. For any questions, please contact Jaclyn Gidley at or 435-797-0552.

General Information
  1. Club Sports Manual
  2. Examples of Constitutions
  3. Fundraiser Opportunities 
  4. Eligibility Form
  5. Facility Reservation Request Form
  6. Dining Services Food Request Form 
  7. Facility Reservation Request Form

All Athletes

  1. Club Waiver
  2. Medical Release Form
  3. Pay Dues and Fees

Executive Council
  1. Application
  2. Manual
  3. Master Incentive List

Travel Items

  1. Club Sports Team Trip Budgets (Excel Sheet)
  2. Master Travel Roster (Excel Sheet)
  3. Driver Video and Test
  4. P-Card/Cash Advance Training

  1. Advisor Form 
  2. Coaching Agreement