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Team Resource Page

The documents below are important for teams to use throughout the year, and contain general knowledge about the Club Sports program. For any questions, please contact Jaclyn Gidley at or 435-797-0552.

To send items via Gmail, please email us at 

Travel Items

  1. Club Sports Team Trip Budgets (Excel Sheet)
  2. Team Travel Request for Club Sport (Excel Sheet)
  3. Travel Roster for Club Sports Teams (Excel Sheet)
  4. Driver Video and Test
  5. Credit Card/Cash Advance Training
  6. P-Card Training


  1. Advisor and Coach Agreement

Scheduling/Facility Requests and Host Information

  1. Games
  2. Tournaments
  3. Meeting Rooms
  4. QUAD - administered by Event Services 
  5. Welcome to USU Flier

Marketing and Trademark Licensing

  1. Marketing Request Form
  2. Website Update Request Form
  3. Club Sports Logo Use Page
  4. Campus Recreation Visual Identity Guide
  5. Name Brand Promotions Guide


  1. Blended Learning FA/CPR/AED Courses through Campus Recreation 
  2. Officers and Coaches will receive the $40 rate - confirm with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports by emai at