Nutrition Coaching

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Meet with a Registered Dietitian for a one-on-one consultation designed to assess your dietary needs, answer nutritional questions, establish nutrition goals, and learn the best way to fuel your body. Consultations are 45 minutes. Please request a nutrition consultation and a Registered Dietian will contact you.

Initial Coaching Session

Your initial session will include a review of your nutrition history, information about basic healthy eating strategies, a review of your nutritional needs, and goal setting.

Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

Follow-up consultations are 30 minutes, and crucial to adhering to new, healthy lifestyle changes while modifying plans as needed for maximum results. Purchase your consultation with follow up sessions package discounts!


Session Type Students Faculty/Staff Community
Nutrition Coaching Session $20 $30 $40
Nutrition Coaching Session Follow-Up $10 $15 $20
Nutrition Coaching Session + 1 Follow-Up $30 $40 $50
Nutrition Coaching Session + 2 Follow-Ups $38 $48 $58
Nutrition Coaching Session + 3 Follow-Ups $47 $57 $67


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