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Accessing Campus Rec Facilities

YOU MUST BRING YOUR USU ID IN ORDER TO ACCESS CAMPUS RECREATION FACITILITES. We will allow you to access facilities 3 times without your ID Card, after that you will lose access to Campus Recreation facilities. If you need to get your ID card please contact the Card Office to schedule an appointment. You can contact them via email ( or call (435-797-3852).


Capacity for Different Areas of the ARC

  • 400 total people in the ARC at one time. You can find our current occupancy on the main page of the Campus Rec website.
  • First floor weight room – 32 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area
  • Three Court Gym – 1 person per piece of equipment; 75 total patrons
  • Multi-Activity Court (MAC Gym) – 23 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area
  • Locker Rooms – 7 patrons per locker room; lockers are available for rent
  • Second Floor – 1 patron per piece of equipment
  • Track – is closed. However, 2 laps around the outside perimeter of the ALF is 1 mile; 3 laps along the inside of the fence line is also 1 mile.
  • Fitrig – 1 patron per station
  • Playground – 10 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area
  • Instructional Training Room – 3 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area
  • 3rd Floor Loft – 10 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area
  • Climbing Wall – 5 patrons on the bouldering wall and 5 on the autobelays will be allowed in at one time. No sitting/hanging out in the climbing area. Only liquid chalk will be permitted. 
  • Lobbies – All patrons must practice physical distancing. Tables and chairs are positioned to help with physical distancing.


Areas Closed

  • Locomotion Spin Studio (open for class only)
  • Track
  • Fieldhouse (closed for non-academic classes)
  • HPER Racquetball courts


HPER Guidelines

  • GYM 201 – Only Pickleball (Recommended capacity of 53 people in the space, 4 people per pickleball court) 
  • GYM 209 – Only Badminton & Table Tennis (Recommended capacity of 53 people, 4 people per court (3 Badminton, 2 Table Tennis))
  • GYMS 102, 211 and 215 will be available for open recreation (Recommended Capacity of 20) 
  • Service Desk will be their opportunity to rent lockers, receive towel service, rent limited equipment, reserve lap lanes, etc.
  • Racquetball courts will be closed at this time


Pool Guidelines

  • Large Pool – For Lap Swimming we will allow 16 swimmers and 16 patrons waiting on deck. You will need to reserve a lane. You can call the HPER to reserve your lane or walk-up to the HPER service desk to reserve a lane.
  • Small Pool – For open swim we will allow  45 patrons
  • Locker Rooms will be open and lockers may be rented through the HPER Service Desk. Locker Room capacity is 50 per locker room.


Patron Expectations

  • You must wear a face covering anytime you are in Campus Recreation facilities and not on a piece of equipment
  • Maintain a six-foot pyhsical distance while working out, per state of Utah and Bear River Health Department guidelines for gyms.
  • Be courteous and limit workouts if people are waiting.
  • Wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  • No cash will be accepted at this time; cards only.


ARC and Campus Rec Team Member Requirements

  • Face Coverings are required at all times unless in your personal office
  • Staff will be asked health questions and have temperature taken before they begin work
  • Must maintain a six-foot pyhsical distance with co-workers and 12-foot with patrons
  • Gloves are required when cleaning equipment.
  • Staff is encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands once per hour.