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1. Please review the Step by Step Process Guide in the PDF attached
2. When paying online, please remember to use your billing address zip code.
3. If you receive an error when processing your payment, please check your bank account to see if it was processed before your try to pay again. Many people are actually charged even though it doesn't push you through to the end of the registration process. If you do run into this issue, please email stating this problem and provide the below information so we can register you on the appropriate team:
      -A#, Sport, Team Name, and the time frame scheduled

Visit HERE for a How To Make or Join an Intramural Team step by step process.

Players are able to register and be added to a team up until the last game during regular season. Once playoffs start, players can no longer be added unless there is an injury on the team making the roster less than what is required to play.

Once registration deadline has passed, a team can email to be added to that sport’s waitlist. In the event a team is removed due to forfeits or not having a full, teams will be taken from the waitlist to be added to the league.

Below is the list of all our leagues and their locations:

  • Aggie Legacy Field
    • Flag Football, Kickball, Soccer, Softball, and Spikeball
  • Aggie Recreation Center Sand Volleyball Courts
    • Sand Volleyball
  • HPER 201/209
    • 5v5 Basketball, 6v6 Volleyball, 4v4 Volleyball, and Futsal
  • Fieldhouse
    • 3v3 Basketball, Wiffleball, and Pickleball
  • HPER Small Pool
    • Battleship
  1. All refunds must be approved by the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports. 
  2. Refunds will only be granted if the individual contacts us by the end of the second week of that sport. We will not refund from previous sessions. 
  3. Documentation is required for refunds, which includes a screenshot or copy of your credit card statement showing the transaction. You will also need to provide the name on the credit card used, the email associated with the person, and the person's A number. 
  4. If you were charged more than once for a team registration, then you can be refunded at any point. 
  5. Please note that it does take approximately 3-5 business days to process these requests.  
  6. Contact the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at or call at 435-797-0552. 
  1. Each team is allowed one forfeit per session during the regular season. If a team forfeits twice, they are removed from the league and will not be eligible for refunds.