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Campus Recreation provides wellness and healthy lifestyle oriented programs, events, and services to Utah State University students and employees via five program areas: Aquatics, Fitness, Club Sports, Intramurals, Outdoor Recreation. Facility operations supplement the program area functions and provide seamless customer service to USU students, employees, and the community. Campus Recreation creates opportunities for student to enhance the college experience through play, wellness, and adventure!"

Vision Statement

Campus Recreation is committed to being recognized as a leader on campus and in recreation within higher education across the country. We will continue to provide dynamic and diverse recreational experiences to engage students in a positive manner through learning and leadership opportunities. Campus Recreation is dedicated to creating excellent student and professional development.

Program Information

  • Informal Recreation - The Aggie Recreation Center, HPER Building and Fieldhouse are multipurpose facilities with several activity spaces, including: a weight room for strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, multi-purpose gymnasiums, an indoor jogging track, six racquetball courts, an indoor climbing wall and bouldering wall, group fitness rooms, locker rooms, administrative offices and meeting spaces, and two pools.
  • Aquatic Programs provide a safe and inviting environment supported by educated, enthusiastic, and professional American Red   Cross Certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors. Aquatics provides a place for physical activity and leisure to individuals with different needs and goals as well as educate participants on water safety practices. 
  • Fitness Programs provide integrated programs, resources and services, in order to promote healthy lifestyles, create opportunities for positive behavior modification and enhance student academic success. Programs and services include Group Fitness classes, Personal Training services, weight management and nutrition consulting, Workshops, incentive programs and special events.
  • Intramural Sports offer participants the opportunity play organized sports in a recreational but competitive atmosphere, learn new sports skills, and have fun with fellow friends and students. The Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of team sports, team and individual tournaments, and special events.
  • Club Sports provide opportunities to participate in competitive and recreational sports and also learn valuable life skills in organization, communication and leadership. Club Sports have been established to promote and develop the interests and skills of their members in a particular sport or recreational activity.
  • Outdoor Programs provides opportunities for outdoor education and leadership experiences through the climbing and bouldering walls, adventure trips and workshops. Outdoor gear can also be checked out at the Aggie Recreation Center Rental Shop.
  • Student Staff and Leadership program includes training and supervising both undergraduate students (200+) and volunteers in facility and game management, teaching and educational sessions, program execution and evaluation, and risk management administration.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. By participating in Campus Recreation programs and services, students will understand how physical activity will improve health.
  2. By competing in Intramural and Club Sport programs, students will learn to work cooperatively as a team and resolve conflicts among team members.
  3. Campus Recreation student leaders will experience leadership opportunities that result in improved communication, listening, time management skills, and more self-confidence.
  4. By participating in Outdoor Programs, students will develop a greater understanding of sustainability and environmental issues.
  5. By participating in Campus Recreation programs and services, students will recognize their connection to the campus community and build relationships with peers.
  6. Through participation in Campus Recreation fitness activities, students will discover ways to achieve fitness goals and develop skills to manage weight and stress.
  7. Campus Recreation student participants will establish respect for differences through diverse interactions.
  8. Through participation in Campus Recreation programs and services, students will integrate knowledge and skills to improve personally and academically.