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Administrative Staff

Director of Campus Recreation

Chase Ellis
Phone: 435-797-5716
Office: ARC 218N

Associate Director of
Programs and Assessment

Daniel Lawrence
Phone: 435-797-8405
Office: ARC 218M

Business Liaison 

Ashley Deters
Phone: 435-797-1503
Office: ARC 218J

Scheduling Coodinator

Nicole Nelson
Phone: 435-797-5361
Office: ARC 218L 

IT Specialist

Neal Bair
Phone: 435-797-8548
Office: ARC 218C

Marketing Graduate Assistant


Diane Meifert
Phone: 435-797-9444
Office: ARC 218K

Program Staff

Assistant Director of Aquatics and Safety

Casem Talbot
Phone: 435-797-3016
Office: ARC 106D

Assistant Director of
Fitness and Wellness


Emmy Richards
Phone: 435-797-7347
Office: ARC 106C

Assistant Director of Competitive Sports

Jaclyn Gidley
Phone: 435-797-0552
Office: ARC 106B

Assistant Director of Outdoor Equipment and Facilities

Dan Galliher
Phone: 435-797-5525
Office: ARC 131H

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education

Greg Davis
Phone: 435-797-0066
Office: ARC 131J

Athletic Trainer


Kendra Gilmore
Phone: 435-797-0557
Office: ARC 120

Program Graduate Assistants

Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant 

Kyle Pearson
Phone: 435-797-8388
Office: ARC 106E

Fitness Graduate Assistant

Megan Flanagan

Megan Flanagan
Phone: 435-797-8388
Office: ARC 106E

Aquatics Graduate Assistant

Tyler Christensen
Phone: 435-797-2236
Office: HPER 123 

Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant

Julie Wood
Phone: 435-797-4195
Office: ARC 106


Assistant Director of Facility Operations

Craig Boegner

Phone: 435-797-0844
Office: ARC 106A

Facility Operations Manager

Chad Barlow
Office: ARC 206

Staff Assistant

Sarah Klaassen
Phone: 435-797-0549

Custodial Operations Lead

Bill Jacobson