Utah State University - Campus Safety

Reporting Students of Concern

"Day-to-day" interaction with students is both a vital and essential part of being on a university campus. This interaction provides for teaching moments and creates an environment for learning which takes place both in and out of the classroom, and may include discussions with students about appropriate behaviors on campus.

Occasionally, a student's behaviors will rise above normal interactions to a level of concern that may lead to disruption of classroom or university activity or cause concern of threat towards oneself and/or others. University training is available to help identify these situations.

When it is judged that a student's behavior has elevated to a disruptive or threatening level, the form below should be completed and forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services (435) 797-1712 or email us at student.services@usu.edu.

If you think the incident is an emergency, please call 911!

Student of Concern Incident Report Form Incident Information: Please complete as much information as possible in the spaces below.

Reporter's Information: We strongly recommend your contact information in the event that further contact is neccessary. However, this is not required.

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