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Brynne McMurray

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At some point, every student is unsure if they chose the right career path. If you are having a hard time choosing a major or career, or second guessing your current path, you are not alone. Figuring out a career includes taking into account your financial goals, interests, family needs, personal values, and educational access, as well as many other factors that happen on an individual basis. Balancing all of the factors can be difficult, but there is help. The Focus 2 assessment is an online test that evaluates your values and interests to offer career suggestions. This is often a starting place for many trying to figure out their career. Even if it doesn’t generate a career choice you would be interested in, it acts as a good first step for thinking of career options.  

How to Take the Assessment 

  • Go to  
  • Click the Students tab 
  • On the dropdown menu, click on ‘Explore majors and careers’  
  • A link to the test can be found under the “Start Here and Complete Focus2” section of the page.>Students>Explore Majors and Careers>Start Here and Complete the Focus 2 

There is no time limit on the test, and once you have a user name and password, you can revisit the site to finish the assessments or view your results at any time.  

What is the Focus 2 

The Focus 2 offers insight into possible career choices based on the users interests and values. It often acts as a spring board for career options, and helps a student to transition into the major that fits their career needs.  

There are 5 assessments to take:  

  • the work interest assessment 
  • the values assessment 
  • the personality assessment 
  • the skills assessment 
  • the leisure assessment

The Focus 2 will then combine the results of the five tests to suggest career paths that would best fit your results. 

What do the Results Mean? 

  • The results are generated based on your answers to the questions posed by the assessment.  
  • The resulting career is not your only career choice, but merely an option.  
  • The test will give you a list of careers that best match your personality, skills, leisure, work interests, and values.  
  • We suggest going through each suggestion and taking into account the benefits and the turn offs you have for each career path. 
  • Have an open mind and explore the ones that interest you the most! 

After the Assessment 

After exploring the results, we highly recommend setting up an appointment with Ali Geary to discuss the results.  

  • You can make the appointment here (include link) 
  • call into the office at (435) 797-7777 
  • or email Ali Geary at