Getting Started

Thank you for visiting the Career Design Center's Canvas Course for Faculty. We are excited to collaborate with faculty and provide more career education in the classroom. As you use this Canvas content in your courses, we'd appreciate any feedback you have. Please feel free to submit feedback here so we can continue to improve this resource. 

The Career Design Center's mission is to empower all students to design their career paths through university-wide career education, employer engagement and access to experiential learning, and post-graduation opportunities. 

The Career Modules are designed to complement the student academic experience through the courses they are taking. In order to scale the career education across the university, the Career Design Center has created various modules that you can embed into your curriculum where you see fit. Here are a few ways you might be able to embed the content: 


To have module(s) copied into your course follow these steps 

  1. Enroll in the canvas course as a student.
  2. Look around at the various modules and sample assignments to decide what module(s) you want copied. You will receive the ENTIRE module and then you can edit/delete/use content that you’d like.  
  3. Once you’ve decided what module(s) you’d like to have copied, fill out this request form. The Career Design Center will receive this request and will work with an instructional designer to have the module(s) copied into your course.  
  4. Once the module(s) has been copied into your course, you are welcome to use whichever parts you’d like. 


What’s in a module?  

Each module consists of 4 steps. Once the module is copied into your course, you can edit/delete/use what content you'd like. Here are the 4 steps that are included in each module. 


Step 1

Step 1 is an overview of the Career Design Center. This is a brief introduction to who we are and how we can help students.  

Step 2

Step 2  is the main portion of the module that covers the specific topic. This is a combination of short videos, resources, and written material. Overall this module would take a student an hour or less to work through.  

  • Within this step is a pre and post survey link for students. The goal of the pre and post survey is to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the career modules. Additionally, we would greatly appreciate feedback from students so we can continue to improve this resource. Please encourage your students to take this pre and post survey within Step 2. 

Step 3

Step 3  is a brief overview of the Alumni experience. As the Career Design Center and the Alumni Association collaborate to engage more Aggies in the alumni experience, this step helps students understand how they can give back to USU upon graduation. For example, joining Aggie Network and offering to help students practice interviewing or review their resumes.  

Step 4

Step 4 provides a couple of assignment ideas if you'd like to create an assignment to go along with this module. The assignments/quizzes are created and set at 0 points. Once copied into your class, you can edit those based on how you'd like to use them. 

If you have questions about using this course/content, please contact Jillian Morley,