Cover Letters

Your cover letter should be tailored to a job description. A general cover letter will not be as effective. Use the job description and company website to guide how you tailor your cover letter. See the Career Design Center handout


  • Use consistent format
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Omit address if sending as an email

1st Paragraph – Why Them (mission, values, culture)

  • Identify the position you are applying for
  • If possible, name any referral or contact
  • Link your education and work experience to the job
  • State why you are interested and a good fit for this organization

2nd Paragraph – Why You (success examples, numbers, connect)

  • Identify your 2 – 3 strongest qualifications as they relate to the job
  • Build on applicable work, education, or service accomplishments
  • Include results-oriented success statements – using specific examples

3rd Paragraph – Thank You

  • Thank the employer
  • Request an interview
  • Discuss how and when you will follow-up