Become an Alumni Mentor (SAMN)

The Student Alumni Mentor Network is designed to connect students with professionals who can help with their career exploration, employment, and networks. As an alumni mentor, students and alumni will benefit from advice regarding your personal career path, employment opportunities in your industry, and tips for entering today’s job market.

By registering, you can serve as an on-line resource for students and alumni interested in learning more about your career field. You determine how students can contact you (email, phone, etc). Only students and alumni with password access may view the information you provide.

Career services and the Alumni Association want your help in spreading the word about our Student Alumni Mentoring Network. Send messages to friends and alums that you think would be great mentors.

To join this network of alumni, please
complete and submit the following profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Mentor? 

A Mentor is a Utah State University alumna or alumnus who is interested in networking with current USU students and alumni. This person should be interested in answering students’/alumni questions about their careers. Mentors can share tips on finding and beginning a new job.

What are the advantages of becoming a Mentor? 

Benefits for participating in our program include 1) the opportunity to give feedback to students/alumni, while building your own professional network, 2) the ability to help students reach their potential through professional networks supported by one-to-one relationships, 3) the chance to show students the relevance of education as it pertains to “real world”, 4) increased pride in your career, 5) the chance to gain satisfaction through helping 6) the chance to screen potential employees/interns, 7) a chance to give back to the campus. 

How much time should I expect to spend on the program?

It is entirely up to you and your schedule. In your mentor profile, you can select the maximum number of students you would like to have contact you per month. You may also choose which contact information you want to make available to students.

How often can I expect to be contacted by students?

We cannot know which students will choose to reach out to certain alumni.  Please use your settings appropriately.

I don't work in Human Resources, and I'm not a recruiter. Will USU students and alums think I'll be able to get them a job at my organization?

Although jobs/internships, job shadowing, and informational interviews are possible outcomes of a student/mentor relationship, they cannot be guaranteed and should not be expected. The purpose of this program is to enhance communication between past and future alumni.